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365worldstorerxs.com is an online pharmacy that purports to be a legit seller of safe, high-quality medication. After conducting thorough research on this pharmacy, we can confirm it is fraudulent. Read the 365worldstorerxs review below to understand how we arrived at that conclusion.

Domain information

According to whois.net, 365worldstorerxs.com is less than a year old. The domain was registered on 2018-01-21. Our past investigations have shown that new drugstore websites tend to be fraudulent. 365worldstorerxs isn’t any different when you look at the age as well as the owner’s efforts to conceal their identity. The registrar is indicated as gkg.net, a domain management company. Online stores opened with fraudulent intentions don’t last for long. The owners also go through a lot of trouble to hide their identity even if it means paying expensive subscriptions.

Related sites

There is another site 365worldstorerxm.com and 365worldstorerxc.com identical to 365worldstorerxs.com in every way except one character in the URL. Other mirror sites include:
  • Canada-pharmacy24.com
  • 247worldstorerxc.com
  • Canadian-store-24h.com
  • 365worldstorerxc.com
  • 365worldstorerxd.com
  • 365worldstorerxm.com (Read here)
  • 24h-drugsstore.com (Read here)
  • Med-shop24x7.com (Read here)
  • Online-rxstore.org (Read here)
  • Cmed24.com (Read here)

365worldstorerxs shares many similarities with these sites from phone contacts to website layout and product selections. Mirror sites are an indication of fraudulent activity such as illegal affiliate programs. 365worldstorerxs links to other sites automatically imply that the site is fraudulent considering all the mirror sites mentioned above have been declared scams.


Business profile

Even after carrying out thorough research, we couldn’t identify the company or individuals behind 365worldstorerxs. The company name has been conveniently omitted on the website. We can only confirm the location of the site as U.S. based although there are chances that the site location could also be Russia according to Scamadviser.

The organization and owner/s are hidden using a domain proxy service. The website origin could also be Canada. According to Scamadviser, the probable origin of the website is 89% unknown.


Regulatory approval

Every legit online pharmacy must be approved by renowned online pharmacy regulators like LegitScript, Pharmacy Checker, NABP or CIPA. Without regulatory approval, it’s impossible to tell if a drugstore has met the basic requirements for online drugstores.

According to LegitScript, 365worldstorerxs is a rogue online pharmacy. The definition of a rogue online pharmacy according to LegitScript is a pharmacy which hasn’t adhered to the acceptable standards of online pharmacy practice. 365worldstorerxs engages in deceptive or fraudulent practices according to LegitScript.

The pharmacy is also missing in the databases of CIPA and NABP. Although the persons behind 365worldstorerxs haven’t lied about being regulated by the above bodies, lacking regulation is a serious concern.



There is no need of checking the products selection of a fraudulent pharmacy for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, potential customers can be easily deceived by the variety of drugs available on 365worldstorerxs. The drugstore also seems to be more interested in selling men’s health drugs which are popular among fraudulent online pharmacies because of their high demand.


Pricing and deliveries

365worldstorerxs has irresistible discounts and offers. Customers get free pills for every purchase. Shipping is free (free airmail) for orders exceeding $200. The drugstore also has special limited offers. Payments are also fast, safe and secure. There is absolutely no reason why unsuspecting customers would shy away from placing orders with 365worldstorerxs if they consider the pricing and delivery offer only.


365worldstorerxs.com Reviews

Scam online stores must put a lot of effort to appear legitimate. In terms of giving potential customers social proof, 365worldstorerxs has a special section for testimonials. However, the testimonials can’t be verified. Some have one name or two common names implying they could have been written by anyone. The reviews are also shockingly similar with every one of them concentrating on praising the drugstore for sending orders successfully. These reviews clearly attempt to make potential customers trust the drugstore and place orders they aren’t likely to receive.

It gets worse. Some related sites like canadian-pills-store.com have similar testimonials (word-for-word). Such a drugstore can’t be trusted.



365worldstorerxs is outright fraudulent based on our investigations. The site meets our criteria of scam online pharmacies. It is new, high-risk according to Scamadviser and rogue according to LegitScript. The site is also missing in the databases of online pharmacy regulators, CIPA and NABP. Having confirmed a link between the drugstore and many “suspect” sites, we are forced to declare 365worldstorerxs fraudulent. We can only rate 365worldstorerxs 1 out of 5 stars.




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