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common view is an online drugstore that promises the lowest prices and claims to be “known to deliver the best”. They say that the store is operated by a team of experienced pharmacists, though our review of their services shows that they don’t want to give you any information about where the pills are dispensed from. This is only part of the problem we found with this pharmacy, however.

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24× Reviews – Significant Risk

common view

24× is a pharmacy which wants you to believe they sell the best quality drugs to the highest standards. Their prices are also low, but somehow these things don’t seem to match up. Our look at the store shows many problems which will cause you trouble if you become a customer.

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common view is a pharmacy which claims to the USA’s number 1 online medical supplier. They say that their pills are affordable and that they have been in business since 2010. However, our look at their site reveals some very damning information and they seem unable to stop lying.

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