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main page is a pharmacy specializing in one type of medication. They say that their customer support is available to help you 24/7 and their products are FDA approved. But is this pharmacy really a place you should trust to supply your medical needs, we take a look for you.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2018-08-21
Owner CountryNetherlands
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-877-888-9761
UK: +44-203-608-1340
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The website address hasn’t been registered for very long. They have been around for less than 2 years and this could indicate that they aren’t the most reliable of pharmacies.

registered in 2018

The owner of the site has chosen to hide their information from the records as well. The use of a domain privacy service is commonly found with scam pharmacies for obvious reasons and could indicate an issue with this drugstore.


Business Contact Details

If you need to make contact with the business they don’t offer a mailing address. They do have a couple of phone numbers and a live chat as well as an online form through a different website which is unusual.

The lack of a business address means that they don’t want us to know where they are based and could make it more likely that they are running a scam. Further to this lack of information is a missing business name. This means we also don’t know who operates the store.


Regulatory Approvals

They don’t offer any regulatory seals on the site to prove that they are working in accordance with the rules. This could lead to issues if you decide to put your trust in the pharmacy. They do say that the pills are from FDA approved companies but they don’t elaborate on this to allow us to confirm it is true.


LegitScript, however, aren’t happy with the pharmacy and give them the low classification of a rogue.


Medications Offered

Cenmox, Zagam, Myambutol, MinocinAs the name of the pharmacy would suggest they specialize in the selling of antibiotics.

They don’t give any information about where the antibiotics are dispensed from, however. This could be a concern as it means they don’t want us to know who is dispensing the pills they sell.

It leaves us without the option of checking that the drugs sold through this pharmacy are handled and dispensed in a reliable way by people who know what they are doing. This makes it far more likely that the drugs being sold by the store are either fake or very low-quality and this could put your health at risk.

The pills you get from this store, though you won’t know it by looking at them, could actually contain the incorrect ingredients. This could end up with you getting different results than you were expecting from your drugs purchase.


Prescription Requirements

They don’t ask for a valid prescription from their customers. This is not only dangerous because people could be buying meds which aren’t suitable for them, but since they are selling antibiotics it does increase the risk of creating resistant bacteria.

This is a major issue which is leading people becoming ill with strains of bacteria which there are now no antibiotics to treat. To say the least, it is irresponsible to sell antibiotics without a prescription.


Payment and Shipping

When you go to pay for your drugs on this pharmacy site you find yourself being sent to a new website which does have basic SSL security. They will accept the following methods to pay for your pills:

secure payment and free shipping

  • Major credit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • E-check
  • Ethereum

They provide you with free shipping when you spend at least $200 on the store. If you aren’t ordering that much, you can have unregistered mail delivery for $10 and courier with tracking for $30.

Unregistered mail is expected to be with you in 10 to 21 days from ordering. Courier has a delivery time of 5 to 9 working days. Reviews

This pharmacy hasn’t been online for too long so it isn’t a surprise that we can’t find any reviews from their customers. Often scam pharmacies use fake customer feedback to make their site seem more trustworthy than it really is. This isn’t the case with this pharmacy, which is a good thing, though the lack of feedback means that you are buying in the dark.

no reviews



There are a number of issues with this pharmacy which should make you think twice about ordering through them. We give them 2 stars because they fail to tell us much about who they are or where the pills are dispensed from.

There are too many risks with this store to recommend it to anyone.




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