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Our website is your guide in the ocean of online pharmaceutics. Our goal is to give common people the fullest and most truthful information about websites calling themselves online pharmacies. Every time when we encounter news about another Internet pharmacy deceiving its clients, we’ll thoroughly study and analyze all the information about it. We use both publicly available sources and specific information for our reviews, applying our experience and knowledge in this field.


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We are a team of like-minded people who set the goal for ourselves to stop the fraud in the online pharmacy industry. At the present time, there are three staff members working on drugstorereviews.com on a voluntary basis.

David Mason


It is commonly known that the prices for medicines in the USA are the world’s highest ones. Moreover, there is also a trend toward further unjustified growth of prices at the moment.

The situation acquires a tone of unfairness. Sometimes the same medications are tens of times cheaper in other countries. Consumers know this very well, and today millions of Americans resort to buying drugs on the net.

There are lots of online pharmacies ready to offer high quality of products and excellent service to their North American consumers. But unfortunately, many dodgy people have learned to use this fact to their advantage. We are observing a rapid increase of the number of Internet pharmacies. As the result, many potential consumers wonder what website they can safely buy a medicine on, without paying extra for it and without being deceived, and who it’s better not to deal with at all.

It does not matter whether you want to make your purchase at an expensive or cheap Internet pharmacy, very often the only difference between them is the design of the website. Fraudsters will not be tormented with remorse if they sell you “compressed chalk” in a beautiful packaging instead of the original medication. After encountering Internet fraud in this sphere, many people get disappointed and abandon the idea of buying drugs online at all.

When discussing our bad experiences with other users on thematic forums, we decided to create a website that will help other people, common Americans, make sense of the hundreds and thousands of online pharmacies, most of which are unfortunately unsafe, or simply crooks.


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