Rogue Online Pharmacies during Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous for many people’s health and lives, but the criminals have used it as an opportunity to make more money. Scammers running online pharmacies, have taken the global catastrophe and used it to prey on people’s fears. Along with selling fake men’s health pills and similar, they’ve also specialized in COVID related drugs and products.

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Online Pharmacies – Have You Been Scammed?


Purchasing medications online can save you a lot of money, you could get the same medicines you buy in your local pharmacy at much-reduced costs, but there are some potential downsides. There are a huge number of pharmacies to choose from but most of these are looking to scam you. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy estimates that 95 percent of online pharmacies are frauds. But if you fall into their trap, what can you do and how can you prevent further losses?

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How to Spot Bad-Quality or Counterfeit Meds?

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We all shop online to benefit from more choice and better prices. When it comes to making a big saving on medicine, there are a lot of great opportunities to save yourself considerable sums of cash online. However, this access to great savings doesn’t come without its problems. We take a look at the problems of low-quality medications and how you can avoid them.

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Online Pharmacies – Advantages and Disadvantages


There are a great number of online pharmacies available these days, some are legitimate but many others are not. Some are online versions of high-street stores, some from large national chains, other independent businesses. Many specialist pharmacies have sprung up to meet particular medical needs and some are partnerships among a few pharmacy businesses. However, there are many more which would fall into the category of a scam online pharmacy.

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Coronavirus Outbreak – Latest News

The spread of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic continues despite more and more governments around the world enacting draconian measures to halt transmission. Measures including voluntary quarantine, lockdown and social distancing, are dramatically changing people’s lives in an attempt to reduce the death toll. While the data seems to suggest that these measures will work, hospitals could still become overwhelmed in your area. With medical staff having to make very difficult choices about who they treat, thanks to the limited resources they have available to them, catching this illness are something you should strive to avoid. We take a look at some of the latest developments in the fight to save people from COVID-19.

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