How to Spot Fake Customer Reviews?

People love to read online reviews before committing to making a purchase with a new business. The reasons for this are understandable, people don’t want to get scammed. However, it is all too common to find lots of highly positive customer testimonials on even the most dubious-looking sites.

The problem of fake customer testimonials is a large one, and anyone who is looking to buy meds online needs to be able to distinguish the genuine from the fake. We have a great deal of experience in reading customer testimonials and are let you in on the secrets to avoid being taken in by the fake feedback.

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US Government’s Attitude to Foreign Online Pharmacies

Many Americans look to online pharmacies for cheaper prices on their meds. This is a trend which doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon in 2019.

Earlier this year, the FDA issued a warning about purchasing pills from a Canadian pharmacy which was used to supply meds to employees of several state governments. The Canadian business was supplying drugs from pharmacies in Canada, the UK and Australia to get the government employees discounted meds.

But why are the prices of drugs so high in the US and why doesn’t the American government seem to do anything to change the situation?

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Indian Pharmaceuticals – Are They Really Safe?

indian pillsIndia is the world’s biggest exporter of generic medications. Thanks to low production costs it is estimated that up to 40% of the generic pills that are sold in the US have India as their origin. Many of the drugs which come out of these Indian pharmaceutical factories are perfectly safe and thanks to their lower cost have helped people with their health issues that might have otherwise had to suffer further.

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Healthcare Costs in 2019 – Differences Between USA and Canada

Comparisons between the US and Canada in healthcare is often a controversial subject. The US has a privatized multi-payer system with Canada using a mainly publicly funded single-payer service. Neither system is perfect and both draw criticism for different reasons. We take a look at both systems to try to find out which is better.

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Rogue Pharmacies – High-Risk Countries in 2019

It is second nature to most people, nowadays, to look to the internet when you want to save money. The ease at which you can find a good deal online is something which was never possible decades ago. But, unfortunately, this isn’t a risk-free way to save money.

With most of the people in the world now able to access the internet this has led to an increased chance of running into online fraud. The problem is particularly hazardous when it comes to online medication. Here you run the risk of purchasing meds which don’t do what they are supposed to or could contain ingredients which put your life in danger.

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How to Save Money on Rx

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Everyone likes the idea of saving money, and with the costs of prescription medications as high as they are this is understandable. For example, the average US citizen spends $1,112 on prescription medicine every year. That is an amazing 44% higher than the next highest spending nation – Canada.

With the cost of medicine continually on the rise, we take a look at some of the best ways to save money on prescription medications. Follow our investigations to find out 2019 reviews trends.

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