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365worldstorerxm.com has been branded as an online drugstore that offers safe and high-quality medication to clientele all over the world. The website’s interface and medication selection are impressive, to say the least, but don’t be fooled! Read the review below and find out why you should stay away from this drugstore.

Website Information

According to whois, 365worldstorerxm was registered in February 2018 (2018-02-28). This makes the site relatively new and characteristic of other fraudulent online drugstores. New online stores orchestrate most online scams according to our investigations. Furthermore, the identity of the persons or organizations behind the domain is hidden by a domain management service.


Mirror Sites

After conducting some in-depth research, we managed to uncover several online drugstores with the same characteristics as 365worldstorerxm. The mirror sites we have listed below are similar in many ways from the interface to contacts and drug selection. By relating to such sites most of which have been flagged by pharmacy regulators, we are forced to conclude that 365worldstorerxm is part of an illegal affiliate scheme.

  • 365worldstorerxd.com
  • 365worldstorerxc.com
  • Canadian-store-24h.com
  • 247worldstorerxc.com
  • Canada-pharmacy24.com
  • 24h-drugsstore.com (Read here)
  • Med-shop24x7.com (Read here)
  • Online-rxstore.org (Read here)
  • Cmed24.com (Read here)


Business Profile

Our efforts to establish the name of the organization or persons behind 365worldstorerxm were futile. The pharmacy has gone to great lengths to hide official/personal information. The owner’s country is hidden although our investigations show that the site is Russian-based despite the owners’ best efforts to make the site look U.S.-Based.


Regulatory Approval

Our investigations also reveal that 365worldstorerxm is not approved by the appropriate online pharmacy regulators. Online drugstores must have regulatory approval from one or more of the most notable regulatory bodies, i.e., Pharmacy Checker, LegitScript, NABP or CIPA. The drugstore doesn’t have a regulatory seal from any of these regulators. Furthermore, our investigations reveal that LegitScript has already flagged 365worldstorerxm as ROGUE! Any online pharmacy with a rogue approval status from a notable regulator can’t be trusted. LegitScript does thorough investigations before approving any online pharmacy. A rogue status confirms that 365worldstorerxm can’t be trusted. The pharmacy hasn’t met the basic standards for selling, prescribing, or dispensing prescription drugs among other drugs. Buying from such a drugstore is therefore risky!



Like most online drugstore scams, 365worldstorerxm focuses on sexual health drugs which have a high demand globally. These drugs occupy the homepage and come with irresistible discounts to lure unsuspecting customers. The drugstore also has a wide selection of other drugs. In fact, it is possible to find a drug in every category on the site. But the problem is; you aren’t assured that the source is good to let alone if you will receive your order. According to our investigations, your chances of receiving counterfeits or being scammed are very high since 365worldstorerxm has the entire anatomy of a fraudulent online pharmacy.


Pricing and Shipping

365worldstorerxm uses a pricing system we have seen in many other fraudulent drugstores, i.e., giving huge discounts for bulk purchases and free pills on every single order. The drugstore also offers free express delivery for orders exceeding $300. It is hard for a customer in need to resist such pricing and shipping offer considering the drugs are also lowly priced, you are promised secure payments and a money back guarantee.


365WorldStoreRxm.com Reviews

Before buying anything online, it’s important to look at the social proof. Online reviews give you firsthand information on what you should expect when dealing with a certain online store. 365worldstorerxm has made efforts to look legitimate. The site has a special section for testimonials although it doesn’t take a genius to question their authenticity. A quick look at the testimonials on the site reveals that they are similar to those in mirror sites in that they are all focused on convincing potential customers that they will receive their orders. If you believe them and place your order, chances are you will be scammed.



Our investigations prove that 365worldstorerxm has the entire structure of a fraudulent online drugstore. We don’t know who owns the drugstore, where they are from or their physical address. The drugstore has also been given a fraud status by a notable regulator. The reviews are also “suspect”. It’s extremely risky buying anything on this site. We, therefore, rate 365worldstorerxm 1 out of 5 stars.




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