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website interface is an online pharmacy that claims to provide a wide selection of medicines and pharmaceutical products. However, our research shows that it is a scam pharmacy with no solid reputation in the market. This pharmacy comprises all the elements that are linked with a rogue company. Following is a detailed review of this pharmacy.

About Website is a pharmaceutical company that has registered itself online on 25th January 2018 and its domain will expire on 25th January 2019. It is very common that fake websites register themselves online for only one year. As its web page is relatively new so it is not recommended to place any orders without verification and you should first try to find out about its legality. Information about its owner is also not available which makes this website highly suspicious.


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The address of this online pharmacy is linked with hundreds of other risky websites. The most amazing fact is that all these websites have almost the same URL addresses and web layouts. In addition to it, although the same email cannot be used by two companies the email address used by this pharmacy’s owner is allied with two other sites. Its name is not registered and verified by any licensing authority which makes it clear that this pharmacy is linked with some illegal affiliates who are trying to cheat people.


Mirror Websites

There are a lot of mirror websites that have the similar interface. They are:

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Business Profile

As the information about the owner is hidden but according to, its owner seems to be from Russia while the company is registered in the Czech Republic. The image of the location and phone number on the website are the same as on many other fake websites on the internet.


Approval from Regulatory Agencies

For any pharmacy to run legally, it is very important to take legal approvals from various authorities like CIPA, LegitScript, NABP, Pharmacy Checker and many other. No doubt, this pharmacy has many seals from different agencies but none of these seals are original. This pharmacy is not approved by any authentic agency. So, be very careful before placing an order of medicines online, as these medicines may not be safe to use for your health as it has been declared Rogue from LegitScript.


Available Products

The pharmacy seems to be a bestseller for most of the health drugs used by men. But to show their authenticity as an online pharmacy, they also sell a few other medicines for women like birth control pills, antibiotics and many herbal medicines. So, in order to buy these medicines (which otherwise need prescriptions like RX drugs), you do not need a prescription which assures that these are being sold by scam pharmacy without proper licensing.



When you compare prices of medicines available on with those available in the market by genuine pharmacies, their prices are much lesser and they are also offering some free pills with orders. Does not it sound suspicious? This significant difference in prices confirms its suspicious business dealings.


Payments and Deliveries

Visa and Master Cards are used for payments on their website. But before making payments to this site, please consider that this website does not have an SSL certificate which raises a question on its legitimacy. Free express delivery is available for orders over $300 but it is not recommended to place orders on this website as it is very likely that you will never receive medicine as the website seems a big fraud. Reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials are a great social tool to build the trust of users in a product or service. After doing a comprehensive research, we have come to a conclusion that all these testimonials are fake. We copy pasted the comments one by one in a search engine and we came to know that the same reviews are available on many online fake websites.



After extensive research, we have come to a conclusion that this website is rogue and it is not safe to transact as you will not only lose your money but may never get your order. The pharmacy does not have a valid license and SSL certificate which strengthens the belief that this is a fake business, scamming users online.

Based on our research, we can give this online pharmacy a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.




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  1. This is a rip off. Completely. They take your money and won’t return it-no orders come. They then block you so you can’t send any requests for a refund. SCAM SCAM SCAM. THE NUMBER IS BOGUS TOO.

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