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If you’re reading the reviews, you’ll see as many people calling it as a scam as adamantly saying it is totally legit. We’ll take a long hard look at this online pharmacy site and give you our unbiased opinion.


Their best sellers are lifestyle (sexual) drugs. That should be a major warning sign in and of itself. Real online pharmacies may offer these drugs, but they’re shipping as many prescriptions for diabetics, heart patients and health maintenance drugs as they are lifestyle drugs.

They do sell asthma inhalers and diet drugs, but these are mixed in with questionable (and more expensive) herbal remedies. They list prescription acne medications at impossibly low prices alongside expensive holistic remedies whose safety has not been established. A major red flag here is that they will send what they say are potent psychiatric drugs and antibiotics without a prescription, though a mistake in this area can be life-threatening.

At best, they provide generic drugs that may or may not be chemical equivalents of the name brand drugs. The most likely case is that they’re essentially placebos. At worse, they’re unsafe.



At first glance, they have very low prices. In fact, they’re too low. Generic drugs are cheaper than the name brand drugs, but real pharmaceuticals to treat lifestyle conditions cannot be this cheap unless diluted or entirely fake.



These violate clear industry and safety standards such as requiring a prescription to buy medications, don’t provide detailed information on their location and how they can be contacted, or sell products that aren’t valid medications. Some sites blur the line, such as those that sell questionable herbal remedies along with legitimate prescriptions. Others sell a lot of products that can only be described as scams alongside questionable “medications”.

According to LegitScript, is in this last category. The LegitScript med-shop24x7  states that it is a rogue pharmacy. They recommend against using this site. A review of the site itself raises questions. They don’t say what country the pharmacy is located in. In fact, they say that they can offer low prices because their products come into the country they ship from unregistered. You’re importing products and components unregistered and want people to trust that the drugs meet basic quality standards? That you say they meet standards of the Indian equivalent of the FDA isn’t good enough.



Their website states that their data center is PCI compliant. In a review of, there aren’t really complaints that giving them your credit card information results in duplicate charges or credit card theft. That’s been an issue with some of their rivals.

According to scamadviser, the website isn’t safe and involves high-risk countries. Moreover, its trust rating is 0%. All information is hidden that says the website is 99% scam.


Mirror Websites

There are a lot of sites which are mirrors of this one.

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Payment Options

They accept major credit cards and Bitcoin. Their website says they also accept electronic checks.


Delivery Options

The site promises free express delivery on all orders over $300.They say they provide free airmail shipping worldwide for orders over $200. Ironically, their official prescription medication offerings are so cheap it can be hard to hit that “free shipping” limit.

Shipping via a courier service would take up to seven business days, while airmail shipping can take up to three weeks.


Customer Service

One red flag with this site is saying they offer free pills with every order. Drug companies don’t give out free samples outside of limited “free samples” given to doctors to give directly to patients who may choose to request a prescription for the drug. Legitimate pharmacies do not give you free pills when you fill a prescription with them.

Their website says they have a money back guarantee. Refusing to accept returned medication is actually an industry standard. They list customer service phone numbers for both American and European customers. Reviews

There are surprisingly few reviews for this website, though there are complaints about items not arriving or not being effective. We’re going to ignore the testimonials on their website because it is very unlikely they’d post negative feedback on their own site.



We give one star out of five. While there isn’t a common problem with stealing of one’s financial data on this site, there is no evidence they sell safe, quality and legit medications. Our rating is 1 out of 5 stars.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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