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Online-rxstore markets itself as a professional online drugstore selling safe and high-quality medication. However, our investigations uncover more questions than answers regarding the professionalism and legitimacy of the drugstore. Read the review below to understand why you should keep off!

Domain information

According to, was registered on 2018-04-06. The most recent update was on 2018-06-06. This makes the drugstore a few months old which is characteristic of most rogue online pharmacies today. It is impossible to prove the legitimacy of a drugstore which is less than 6 months old. What’s more, the real identity of the registrar is hidden. The registrant organization is a “private person”.


Related and Mirror Sites

Online-rxstore is associated with multiple online stores sharing the same contact information. The sites listed above all have the same phone number: 1-800-715-5341. Some of the sites also share web design features/layout. Online-rxstore’s relations with other “suspect” sites can only lead us to conclude the drugstore is involved in some “shady” dealings such as affiliate marketing scams.

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Furthermore, scamadviser has flagged online-rxstore as a high-risk site.


Business profile

Even after conducting thorough investigations, we couldn’t establish the legal business name of the pharmacy. Scamadviser lists the organization as a “private person”. The owner is listed as Egor Neverov who appears to be a Russian national, but there is no way of ascertaining ownership. The precise location of the site remains unknown, however, it appears to be Canada-based, but it could also be from Ukraine.


Regulatory approval

Online-rxstore doesn’t have any regulatory seals from reputable online pharmacy regulators. For any online pharmacy to operate legitimately, it must be approved by regulators like LegitScript, Pharmacy Checker, CIPA, and NABP. The pharmacy may have made attempts to look legit. However, our investigations reveal that it lacks the necessary approval.

According to LegitScript, the pharmacy has been labeled “Rogue”. LegitScript checks if they meet the standard requirements for drugstores operating online. Considering online-rxstore is less than 6 months old, but it has already been labeled rogue should tell you something. Furthermore, LegitScript conducts thorough investigations before giving pharmacies and approval status. A rogue status means any of the operations of from the sale to prescription and dispensing of drugs is knowingly violated.



Online-rxstore has a variety of drugs ranging from pain relief medication to men and women’s sexual health drugs. Like most rogue online pharmacies, you can buy some controlled medication without a prescription. Furthermore, the pharmacy stocks generic medicines which are marketed as high-quality. This fact alone confirms that the pharmacy doesn’t sell high-quality drugs. Furthermore, we can’t ascertain the source of this drugs given we don’t even know important information such as where the pharmacy is based.


Pricing, Payment and Deliveries

Online-rxstore adopts the pricing strategy of most rogue online stores which is; offering irresistible discounts, free pills on all orders as well as limited offers on bulk purchases. The site also makes purchases attractive by offering free airmail shipping and free courier shipping for orders exceeding $200 and $300 respectively. Payments are safe and secure via PCI DSS, and the drugstore also offers a money back guarantee. However, all these don’t mean much if you don’t know the identity of the organization or persons behind the drugstore. Reviews

Like many rogue online stores, online-rxstore has attempted to showcase testimonials from “real” clients on their website. The website testimonials focus on creating the trust that customers actually receive their orders when our investigations suggest otherwise. It is not natural for multiple clients to leave reviews that are similar. The testimonials also create a perception that current and past customers are looking forward to doing business with the site again. From our investigations, it is clear that the testimonials are “suspect” and meant to lure unsuspecting customers to make purchases they won’t probably receive and if they do, they will be buying counterfeits or low-quality drugs.



Online-rxstore is an outright scam. We can’t ascertain who owns the drugstore as well as the source of the drugs. Online pharmacy regulators have also disowned the site. Furthermore, the drugstore lies about readily available information, i.e., they say they have been in business for 7 years, yet the online drugstore is barely 6 months old according to For these reasons and many others above, we are forced to rate 1 out of 5 stars.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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  1. I purchased Viagra from RXStore My credit card was charged but I received no product. I received an E-Mail stating my card numbers were invalid. If that was so how did RX-Store take money from it.
    CR Tuttle

  2. We are sorry but according to this review you, probably, understand that this pharmacy is a scam. They just stole your money. Be careful next time and follow us to find a more reliable drugstore.

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