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24h-drugsstore is one of the online pharmacies that we must say, without reservation, that shouldn’t be trusted! Don’t worry about that comment, we only talk about evidence. So? Just read on.

Why they fraud customers

It’s so unfortunate that the transition of business activities from brick and mortar stores to the internet has made it so difficult to discern between legal and fraudulent businesses. That’s what most fraudulent online businesses take advantage of. Most online businesses like the 24h-drugsstore.com are majorly there to make money, but neither cares about the quality of products nor the health of the customer. Any rational person will know that all these two should count if you are to be dubbed “a good entrepreneur”. We mean both the interest of the customer and the quality of products, with making a profit only at the back of your mind. Stories aside, let’s see in depth why this pharmacy isn’t safe for you.


Their History

According to the copyright information, right at the bottom of their website, they’ve been in the business since 2004. That’s… 14 years down the line. It could be so good if that was true. The bare fact is that they started operating in 2017! All our investigation results lead us directly to 2017. We don’t want to recite again that such a lie sounds too dangerous, especially if the liar is dealing with products that determine the lives of humans like drugs. Let’s move on.


Mirror Websites

This website is associated with other suspicious websites.

  • Canada-pharmacy24.com
  • Med-shop24x7.com (You can read  here)
  • Online-rxstore.org (You can read here)
  • Cmed24. com (You can read here)



Drugs, as we can say in general, but these folks seem to provide more generic medication than any other. You know them, cialis, viagra and the rest that we don’t really want to list here. Others that they sell also include tadapox, doxycycline, sildalis and many more of that sort. So hands down, you can find a variety of drugs at 24h-drugsstore. Let’s look into something else.



We looked into the prices of drugs sold at 24h-drugsstore.com to see if they’re economical for you. Their prices are relatively low of course when compared to prices in most other online pharmacies, though not the lowest among the list of other fraudulent online pharmacies. That’s sounds fine economically, especially for those who account for every coin they spend. But we think it also means nothing to us when it comes to our health. We don’t know about you, but we trust our odds when we say that. You must be ready to spend even more cash on your health.

All in all, ask yourself this question; are these people here for business or do they offer charity? The prices are just too low to allow for some profit for sure!



Don’t worry again. Here is the truth meter. This service actually has to deliver the drugs purchased for their “business” to be on the go. In fact, they claim to have offers like the other pharmacies to have. For example, if your order costs $200 and above, it comes along with a free shipping! Every order comes with a free viagra drug as well! Each individual order costs approximately $14.95.

Our inspection shows us that they actually make deliveries through two methods: EMS and Airmail. However, they don’t use FedEx, TNT and/or DHL, which are also very reliable and are used by a variety of legit online pharmacies. That leaves us asking more questions. Doesn’t it?



We can’t tell more about the quality of the drugs but we strongly believe that the origin might be from some sort of smuggling.


Customer Support

They have contact numbers for both the U.S and Europe. They are;
+18007155341 and +442033185981. However, they have no email service, no live chat option.



Their location is not known with some people claiming they are based in the United States and some claiming that they may be available in the Europe or India. According to scamadviser, the site can be from a high-risk country. A big probability that it’s Russian’s.


Payment options

To begin with, payment to the website is secured by Hypertext Transfer Protocol. That must be so since they need funds to reach them securely.

The online pharmacy accepts payments through MasterCard, American Express and Bitcoin. They don’t accept others which are also popular like Visa, JCB and E-check.



This is the nitty-gritty. 24h-drugsstore claims to be certified by CIPA. The reality is that neither CIPA,  FDA, NABP, LegitScript and Pharmacy Checker recognizes it. To be more specific, Pharmacy Checker calls it rogue. Do we have to elaborate on what all these mean further?


24h-DrugsStore.com Reviews

We have some positive reviews from the site. They are used not only on this resource. That means all of them are fake. There are no mentions and reviews of this fraudulent site on the internet.



Deservedly, they need no star and since that can’t be done, we can give a 1 out of 5 stars rating to them. We cannot buy any drugs from this pharmacy neither can we recommend it to you.

The debatable location, no certification, poor customer support, unknown quality of drugs and more makes this pharmacy of no importance to your health. Our advice is that you practice prudence by not buying from them at all. Good luck as you make the right choice!




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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  1. These companies are a fraud and they are thieves there is a HELEN who claims to be a manager and a little troll named Harry , they say the CC given is not working and ask for an alternate card then they charge both cards . They are evil liars and they prey upon Americans and they need to be shut down .

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