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RXstore-365.com is an online drugstore which seems to be selling brand name pills for a very low cost. The truth is, that they only sell generic versions of popular brands. One of the first warning signs when visiting this store is that it doesn’t have a logo associated to the domain name. This same storefront design is used with different online pharmacy stores, with little or nothing changed. Our investigation will show you that this online pharmacy isn’t to be trusted, for this reason, and many others.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-04-28
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameEuropharm Group Inc.
Phone Numbershidden
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-715-5341
EU: +44-203-318-5981
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Their Offer

They offer extremely cheap pills, so cheap that you should really be worried about what is really contained within them. Don’t expect quality brand name pills here, you will get generic drugs. That is if you ever receive your order, of course.

The drugs are so cheap that they even give them away for free with every order. They will send you generic versions of popular, well-known brands with your order. This should be a cause for concern for you. Can you really trust that the ingredients are correct and used in the right amounts with a product so low in value?


Regulatory Approval

They don’t claim any memberships to regulatory associations, which is good because they don’t have any. A legit online pharmacy would seek and get approvals from regulatory bodies, a scam store like rxstore-365.com wouldn’t bother.

Regulatory approval requires that the online pill seller dispenses drugs from a legitimate, properly licensed, real-world pharmacy. RXstore-365.com shows no indication that it dispenses drugs from a licensed pharmacy and if they did they would let you know. It is also strange for a store with RX in the name to make almost no mention of prescriptions.

When checking with LegitScript, this online store is given a rogue pharmacy rating.



Who Runs This Site

On the contact page, they give an address in the Czech Republic and have US and UK phone numbers. The address may be some kind of virtual office or mailbox. The address details are shown on the site as a picture rather than text, this may be to avoid it appearing on search results. A search using these details does show many other businesses using this same address.

It is difficult to be sure of the real location this business operates from, perhaps it is the Czech Republic, but you can’t be sure.


Domain Information

Domain privacy is being used to hide the name and address of the persons behind rxstore-365.com. This isn’t what you would expect from a reputable business, but this online drug store has done nothing to suggest it is a trustworthy company.

The domain name is also quite new, only being registered in 2017. Another reason for you to not immediately trust this retailer.



Mirror Websites

There is an unbelievable number of websites with the same interface. All of them have the same contact information, testimonials and products. We have no doubt that all these websites are typical scam scheme.

  • Canada-pharmacy24.com
  • 247worldstorerxc.com
  • Canadian-store-24h.com
  • 365worldstorerxc.com
  • 365worldstorerxd.com
  • 365worldstorerxs.com (Read here)
  • 365worldstorerxm.com (Read here)
  • 24h-drugsstore.com (Read here)
  • Med-shop24x7.com (Read here)
  • Online-rxstore.org (Read here)
  • Cmed24.com (Read here)
  • 247worldstorerxs.com (Read here)
  • Euro-pharma-24h.com (Read here)


Payment and Shipping

If you still want to buy pills from this website after having got this far in the review, I would be very surprised. They do, however, allow purchases using Mastercard, Visa and Bitcoin or if you read their FAQ Visa, AmEx and E-Checks. It’s unclear which of these is correct, but you are taking a risk using whichever payment details as the store is insecure without connection security (HTTPS). Entering important details here could result in that information being stolen by an unknown third party.

They offer free delivery on orders over $300 for courier or $200 for airmail. You can expect delivery times will be up to four weeks.


RxStore-365.com Reviews

The site tries to increase trust by providing RXstore-365.com reviews. The first glance at the page seems to suggest that these testimonials aren’t really all they are cracked up to be.

A lot of the testimonials are saying almost the same thing, that being, that they have received their package. This would suggest that the site is using some coercion to get what appears to be positive customer feedback.

A larger problem with this testimonial page is that many reviews are completely fake and used on numerous other sites. A search with a section of testimonial text will give you over 300 results. If the reviews here were real you would only see one result and that would be from the site’s testimonial page itself. It could be that they are all completely fake, but many of the reviews aren’t unique or long enough to test this theory.




It seems undeniable that RXstore-365.com is a scam. Everything points towards it; no regulatory approval, fake and copied testimonials, no mention of a licensed pharmacy, and a lot of doubt over who is really behind this site.

There really is nothing to recommend this pill seller to anyone. 1-star out of 5. Steer clear of this online drug store.




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