Reviews – Proceed Carefully is marketed as a “world famous” Canadian pharmacy with FDA approval. However, our investigations reveal that this pharmacy is famous for the wrong reasons. Claims that the pharmacy is FDA-approved are false, and there are many other characteristics of a rogue pharmacy. Read the review below for more on fastrxon.

Domain information

It is impossible to investigate the legitimacy of any online store without checking the domain information. Our investigations reveal fastrxon is hardly four months old. The drugstore was registered on 2018-04-04. The new nature of this domain is in line with many online pharmacy scams. Furthermore, the persons or organization behind the domain has gone through a lot of trouble to hide crucial personal and business information.


Related websites

Our investigations reveal that belongs to a family of rogue online pharmacies listed below. These pharmacies share everything from phone contacts to website design/layout. Most of these websites are identical in every way except for the URL. Some have changed addresses after being flagged but remain the same in every other way. Related or mirror websites are common in fraudulent affiliate marketing schemes.

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Business profile trades under the business name: Canadian Pharmacy Ltd with an international license number 10297115. However, we can’t verify these details. There is an apparent attempt to hide other company details that would make it easier to verify the pharmacy. For instance, the drugstore has used a domain management service to hide important information. Scamadviser has also given the drugstore a high-risk status. The only thing we know is is Russia-based according to Scamadviser. However, some mirror sites have links to high-risk countries like Pakistan which makes it difficult to establish the real/true website location.


Regulatory approval has FDA, and PGEU badges on the homepage implying the pharmacy is approved by those regulators. However, a quick search on the websites of these regulators doesn’t yield any result. In a nutshell, fastrxon isn’t regulated by the FDA or PGEU as implied. A quick search with other notable online pharmacy regulators like Pharmacy Checker, LegitScript, NABP, and CIPA reveals the same thing. The pharmacy doesn’t exist in the database of any regulator. LegitScript usually gives online drugstores a rogue status if they don’t meet basic international online pharmacy guidelines. Since fastrxon hasn’t been declared rogue by LegitScript, we can only conclude that the pharmacy is risky.



If we ignore everything else and go by the products selection, fastrxon appears very professional. The products selection is extensive although the bestsellers are composed of men’s sexual health drugs popular among online drugstore scams. We are also concerned because you don’t need a prescription to buy drugs on fastrxon yet the drugstore sells medication which requires prescriptions in normal circumstances.


Pricing, payment options, and shipping

Like most online pharmacy scams, fastrxon capitalizes on irresistible discounts, a variety of payment options (including Visa and MasterCard) and fast, cheap shipping. Besides selling medication at incredibly low prices, customers also get special offers like discounts on bulk orders. Customers also have a chance to earn by joining the pharmacy’s affiliate program. Fastrxon also offers the best shipping, i.e., via EMS and U.S. Postal Services. Reviews

Fastrxon has made attempts to boost trust by dedicating a special section for testimonials. However, like most rogue online pharmacies, the legitimacy of these testimonials can’t be proven. They could be written by anyone including the owners of the drugstore since they aren’t linked to verifiable profiles.

The testimonials just show one name and a location. What’s more; the testimonials very similar, in some cases identical to those in mirror sites. For instance, fastrxon has the same testimonials as good-pills. This clearly shows that fastrxon reviews are fake. Any online store that posts fake testimonials can’t be trusted.



We can give fastrxon some credit for having a business name (Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.), unlike most rogue online drugstores. However, this information can’t be verified. We need more company information to ascertain if this drugstore is legit. Everything about fastrxon is suspicious despite the drugstore’s best efforts to appear legit. LegitScript is yet to declare the pharmacy rogue; however, this doesn’t make it recommendable.

We are forced to rate fastrxon 2 out of 5 stars. Proceed carefully if you choose to transact any business with this pharmacy.




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