Reviews – You Should Know It is an Indian online pharmacy, selling Rx medication, generic, brand-name drugs and OTC stuff too! Should you be heading over there to shop for meds? Find out in our review!

Company Origins And Certification is an India based online pharmacy, selling mostly generic and brand-name medication. All of their products hail from India and is shipped from there. The company offers international shipping to all of the countries in the world. The company doesn’t have any certification visible on their website. They do claim that all of their products come from legitimate and trusted pharmacies. A certificate seal is one of the most important signs an online pharmacy is legit. A business operating for 13 years should have no issues getting a certificate of this kind.

The company sells a wide array of different medication. Starting with generic and over-the-counter meds and formulas, the pharmacy also sells prescription grade drugs, as well as brand-name medication. Some of their products are in the line of eye care, immune system boosters, vitamins, antibiotics, addiction help and even a selection of beauty and care products.


Business Information

Getting to contact a representative of this company is very easy. For one, you could be using the official phone number listed on the website, +1-646-681-4901. Please note that there are working hours, after which you won’t be able to reach anyone by phone. You can also send them an email at The email address is mostly used to answer any questions you might have. There is also a fax number, used to send your prescription, for your credit card information, should you be unable to pay via the online checkout page. The fax number is +1-760-284-5903.

If you require immediate assistance, and you can pick up the phone to make a call right now, there is a built-in online chat system, which will connect you to an agent, ready to answer all your inquiries. Other than that, you can submit an online form, containing a brief description of your problem. There is no known mailing address for this company. Seeing as there is an abundance of ways to contact them, this would be a good sign that the company is legit.


Official Website

The website is clean and has a modern design. It doesn’t stand out from other online pharmacies by much, but at least it is easy to navigate. There is a handful of categories to browse through. Of course, the main category of interest would be the online shop. A nifty little feature in this section allows you to select any medication they have for sale, and compare it to another brand of its kind. By doing this, you will be able to find out if what you are buying is the cheapest, best medication offered.

The website is DMCA protected, there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Also, it is HTTP secure and the checkout page has SSL encryption, to protect your credit card information. The website information itself has no discrepancies or any security risk warnings. Multiple online security checking tools claim it’s safe to use.

Another good thing is that customers are not required to register an account to start shopping. If you want to register, you can. There are some perks you can get your hands on by signing up. For example, if you are a registered user, you will be able to get seasonal offers and special coupon codes, to save money on your orders.



The downside is that there are only two available payment methods. This company only accepts Visa and wire transfers. They suggest wire transfers is a better option for any order exceeding $1000. Please note that all of the transactions go through in USD. So, if you are paying in another currency, you can expect additional conversion charges to appear on your credit card statement. A few clients initially thought the extra charges came as a result of a scam.


Shipping and Delivery Methods

The company is using a third-party to manage and coordinate their shipping. Therefore, they are not able to list the shipping companies. The third-party company decides which shipper and which courier will send the order, depending on where the order needs to go to. It is worth noting that some countries are not even on the list of available shipping locations, but the company still ships to these countries regardless.

One such example is Italy. If you want to place an order and have medication sent to Italy, you will need to send an email to the company with the shipping address and they will have to place the order manually for you. When it comes to shipping, the only available detail is the average shipping time. Since the meds are shipping from India, the company advises all users to allow up to 30 business days for their orders to come through. Reviews

There is a little bit of everything when you look through the reviews. Positive feedback, negative feedback, neutral feedback. It is all there. There is a variety of customers using this pharmacy, and there are no suspicious details or pictures that come with the reviews. The names aren’t made up, and the customers are not hung up on praising the same thing over and over again. This is a solid sign that the company is not a scam.


Final Verdict

So, at the end of the day, should you shop at The lack of a certificate that makes an online pharmacy legitimate is not a good sign. Although there are no customers complaining about the medicine quality, you shouldn’t take this lightly. The prices are competitive and sure, you can gain access to discounts and coupon codes to save even more money. There are definitely better online pharmacies out there. This one is somewhat of a decent choice. Therefore, it is worthy of a 3-star rating.




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  1. It has almost been a month, and I still do not have the medication. I understand the current environment may slow the shipping process done, but I have very hard time believing it is at this level. I order many things online, and never had this level of delay. What makes it extremely challenging is that this is medication. It is not a toy or chocolate. It is prescription medicine. Waiting for it for a month is not ok!

    • You are right waiting for more than a month is not ok, especially, if you buy medicines. However, they say about the impact on operations and notify about the possible delay. We believe that you’ll get your order very soon.

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