Reviews – It Seems Legit is a Canadian online pharmacy, which sells generic medication, manufactured and imported from India. Discounts and global shipping fee reductions await! Are the low prices worth it? Find out in our review!

Company Origins And Certification is proud to be around for 9 years, which is more than most online pharmacies live to see. Thanks to the many perks and benefits, the company has a large customer base. They also have a fair variety of generic medication. They offer international shipping options. In contrast, they don’t ship to several countries in Asia. The company is doing their business in Canada. It seems like it doesn’t have the CIPA certification. Without this certificate, the company should not be selling or shipping any medication. This is something a lot of rogue online pharmacies have in common.


Business Information

The contact information this company offers is scarce. If you have any concerns, you can fill out the online form and submit it through the website. There are three phone numbers you can use to get in touch. There is a toll-free US phone number, + 1-800-943-9753. The regular US phone number is + 1 -425- 577-7756. And a dedicated phone number for the United Kingdom is + 44-1204-897-361.

It seems like they don’t have an email address or mailing address. The mailing address isn’t mandatory. They don’t sell prescription medication at all. Also, they aren’t active on any social media. While a lack of social media presence doesn’t mean the pharmacy is a scam, it is not a good sign either.


Official Website

The official company website looks modern and polished. It has a responsive design, to showcase current coupon codes and discounted offers. Customers don’t need an account to start shopping. The webshop section is SSL encrypted, to allow safe transactions. The website is HTTP secure and has a valid certificate. In contrast, the website scores a very low credibility.

A closer look indicates that the website has origins in either Latvia or the United Kingdom. This is a much more obvious red flag, leading this company closer towards a rogue pharmacy label. Also, there are three other online pharmacies hosted on the same server.

There is another contradiction about the payment methods. The small banner on the main page tells you that the company accepts all popular payment methods. So, Visa, MasterCard and BitCoin. But, if you look at the FAQ section of the website, you will learn that they accept nothing but credit cards.

Finally, the company offers a decent amount of perks. Their biggest selling point would be to free shipping. Other benefits include coupon codes and free samples. There is even a 5% loyalty discount for returning customers.


Shipping and Delivery Methods

The couriers used by this company are Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail. The former is the fastest method of transportation and will take up to nine working days. Also, the customers get the tracking number and can track the status of their shipment. The standard International Airmail shipping takes up to 21 working days to deliver. It doesn’t need a signature, so you can order your medication to a PO box, a UPS store, or any other mail forwarding address. Reviews

Even after spending nine years in business, this online pharmacy has nothing to show for. At least when it comes to external customer reviews. Sure, their own website is full of customers who will never get tired of praising the company. But, if you think about it, nine years of serving customers would yield quite a few mentions on the Internet. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

Furthermore, here is the undeniable proof that this business is a scam. Hidden in plain sight are the men’s-health-ph testimonials showcased on their website. The feedback isn’t a problem. But every one of these comments is a copy of the testimonials found in other online pharmacies. This discovery makes any men’s-health-ph reviews you read from the testimonial page invalid.


Final Verdict

What more can you say? An online pharmacy has 9 years under its belt yet has to resort to copying positive reviews just to seem legit. There is clearly something very wrong. Combine that with all the other details we discovered and you won’t need any more reasons not to shop here. This business gets a 2-star rating. Forget all of the coupons, samples and discount offers, the risks are too great.




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