Reviews – Don’t Be Sitting Duck is purported to sell a wide variety of drugs and other pharmaceutical products on the internet. Throughout our research, we have found a consistent report that this store which is claimed to hail from Canada is a non-legit online medicine store. You are, therefore, advised not to buy any of their products. Here is a comprehensive review on why you should avoid this rogue online drugstore.

About Store

The site was constructed about one year ago but they claim that they have been selling their drugs for over 7 years using the same channel. They have hidden the owner’s original country though they claim to operate from Canada. This is creating suspicion they are even operating from a private domain. A legit pharmacy does not hide its origin or any other necessary information. The owner of the website is using a particular service to hide their identity. In addition, this site’s setup involves countries that are known to be the den of online fraudsters.

Approval Rate

A reputable online pharmacy must be approved by the common regulatory boards including; NABP, CIPA, and LegitScript. However, this site does not earn a single approval from any of the above-mentioned bodies. Since it has been branded rogue by most regulatory bodies, all the products on this website are not safe for human use.


Related and Mirror Websites

The following domains show a difference in wording but they all redirect the user to The associated sites display similar themes, menu, and layout. This implies that all these sites are affiliated to a certain fraud program that is targeting unnoticing online buyers.




The website does not contain real reviews according to Google has also reported this site and deemed unsafe for use. They use the same email address for more than three mirrored sites. So, transact with this site at your own risk.


Cost of Drugs

Some of the sites that are similar to this one have a tendency of persuading the consumers to place an order through the famous 70% off the regular costs of a product. Since the pricing of most of the drugs on this site is consistent throughout all the aforementioned sites that are associated with this one, it is advisable to avoid even attempting to purchase a product despite the subsidized prices. This pharmacy does not support coupons.


Shipping and Payment

The most consistent means of payment in most rogue sites that we came across is through MasterCard and Visa. It is not a coincidence for most of these suspicious online pharmacies to have the same payment and shipping policies. For instance, states that for all order more than $200 they offer free shipping which is the same in similar sites. Since they do not possess SSL certification, it is not advisable to make any payment to this website. Reviews

One of the most important considerations to make before buying medicine from online stores is going through the customer feedback. Always ensure that the comments are drafted by real customers and not fake ones as in The reason why we have branded rogue is that it does not have legitimate reviewers of their products. Through our investigation, we have found out that all the testimonials on this website are fake. The testimonials posted on that website are similar to those that we found in five other similar websites. For instance, Wei Zhang, Oliver Scott and Mohammed Farooq are reviews of more than the five online stores of the same nature that we came across.


In Conclusion

With, it can be hard to trust it because it has a very low rating on trust according to scamadviser. The pharmacy is not certified by the local authorities, thus you cannot trust their products whatsoever. Also, they have indicated that they have been in the business for over seven years yet their website is only 1 year 82 days old. This contradiction renders the site unsafe for all online medicine buyers.

From the evidence presented herein, you can clearly tell that is a pure scam. Therefore, it is only fair for us to rate this website 1 out of 5 stars.




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