PureRxPills.com Reviews – Well-Built Scam

While you may find positive purerxpills.com reviews online, the reality is more complex. We’ve done some digging and ended up with more questions than answers. However, when it comes to a pharmacy website, that’s not a point in its favor.


Their prices are low but not so low that it screams “fake drugs”.



Our first step in determining the quality of a site is to determine if it is legit or a scam. So we checked the site purerxpills.com against the database at Legitscript. PureRXpills.com isn’t in the LegitScript database at all. This suggests that they are so new that they could not have been reviewed. Or it is a scam site that’s been renamed to try to stay ahead of negative reviews.

Our next step was checking CIPA. Many legitimate online pharmacies are registered with it. According to CIPA, PureRXpills.com isn’t a registered pharmacy.

However, we’ve already admitted that new sites may not be registered. This is why we entered the website name into the search box of ScamAdviser. Scamadviser says the site is probably based in the U.S., but there are hints that it is actually based in Russia. When a site lies about where it is based, you can’t trust much else about them.

Purepxpills.com now raises serious concerns about its legitimacy given that it can’t be vetted by any major neutral third party. That alone raises questions about its quality. Yes, they say they’re an intermediary product that fills orders, but they don’t state where they source their drugs, so you don’t know if they’re coming from legitimate pharmacies or questionable operations.



They sell lifestyle drugs, but they don’t promise free samples, something that screams “scam”. However, their “trial packs” are a warning sign.

They say they sell antibiotics, psychiatric drugs, weight loss drugs, and thyroid meds. This is one of the few online pharmacies we’ve seen that offers medications that minimize the side effects of cancer treatment. Their detox products are about as questionable as the juice cleanse products you can find in a health food store. They sell anti-inflammatory drugs, allergy medications and diabetes drugs. You can also find drugs to stop hair loss, asthma inhalers and anti-fungal drugs.

They admit that many of their medications are generic. There is no clear information that they sell over the counter medications in the original packaging.



There’s a lovely row of icons on the bottom of this pharmacy site. The 2016 generic medical icon is fake. The “hacker free site” icon is meaningless. “Business verified secure checkout” sounds like “Verified by Visa”, but it does not provide any measure of IT security for the user. “Business verified secure checkout” means they tested their checkout process and say it is secure. A check of the BBB doesn’t bring up any business of this name in the U.S. This is why we doubt the McAfee Secure logo is legitimate. And it explains why we consider this site insecure.


Payment and Delivery

The website says it accepts payment via Mastercard, Visa and electronic checks. Their website says they deliver products via the US postal service, EMS and registered airmail. You have to pay extra to have a trackable order.


Customer Service

The website lists a phone number for customer support. They don’t provide multiple channels to reach support.


PureRxPills.com Reviews

There are a number of glowing testimonials on their website. There are a few reviews elsewhere about this site, though they lack the mix of positive and negative feedback that you’d expect from a legitimate site.



We give Purerxpills.com 1 star out of 5. If they’re too new to be vetted by various third-party organizations, we’d give them a higher score. However, the evidence that suggests they’re lying about everything from their IT security badges to location, so we can’t recommend this site in any way.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

We have placed the best online pharmacies into a separate list on the Pharmacy Ratings page. Ratings of online pharmacies that have successfully passed verification and check by our team: Link>>>

6 thoughts on “PureRxPills.com Reviews – Well-Built Scam

  1. I’ve just placed an order stupidly but I haven’t received any email or feedback from them. And when I’ve gone to log in my account it says my password is wrong. Which is nonsense. I’m slightly concerned they may still have my bank details

  2. I ordered an asthma inhaler from them for my wife on October 23rd, and provided my payment information and the order was “confirmed”. Shortly thereafter I received an email from them saying my payment method had been declined. I took no further action until two days ago when I got another email saying the order had been completed and that $52.25 was going to show up on my bank statement as “XXXXX” whatever, I emailed the back and told them to cancel the order since I did not authorize a second attempt at payment. They replied it was too late, the payment had been processed and the order had already shipped.

    Also two days ago I checked my bank account transactions and found two fraudulent purchases charged to the card I ordered the inhaler with, to the tune of $72. I cancelled the card immediately and had to open a dispute with my bank over the charges. Oddly enough, my transaction records show no payment attempt nor declined payment from the 23rd, and as of this writing the $52.25 still hasn’t been reflected on my account (which it won’t since it was likely never submitted).

    I’m completely convinced purerxpills is a scam and they sell your payment information to others once you provide it, if not using it themselves.

  3. I ordered an eye drop medication on 29th of November 2018. I never received the medication. My transaction records show no payment attempt nor declined for that payment. As of this writing the $81.00 still hasn’t been reflected on my account. (it was likely never submitted).

  4. I ordered eye drops and have never received them. I got a suspicious tracking # and found that it is false. There was a customer service number to call but the gal with a very large asian accent wasn’t able to tell me the name of the company and asked me for all kinds of personal information to “verify my order” I told her this was a scam. She gave me another phone number that went to some strange personal cell phone. Total scam and I’m out $125.00!

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