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Via Medic, an online pharmacy, shouldn’t be categorized with the online scam sites. However, this online pharmacy isn’t as well-known as it should be, so it is sometimes thrown in with the rip-offs. Let’s look at what you should look for in an online pharmacy and the issues you should research on this drugstore.

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According to the official website, Canadian Prescription Drugstore is the oldest, most trusted online pharmacy with 10+ years of operations and thousands of satisfied customers. According to our investigations, we can’t verify these claims; however, we can’t dismiss or endorse the pharmacy yet.  Here is a detailed review about the drugstore.

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This is a review of a new, quite suspicious online pharmacy – According to their words, customers get cost-effective prices, reliable shipping and friendly customer support. However, there is another side of the medal. Read on to find out why these websites related to scams and rogue pharmacies.

Read more… Reviews – Just Another Link In Scam Chain? Reviews – Rely On Them is a CIPA-certified health store that works as an intermediary between patients and licensed pharmacies. This healthcare provider dispenses a wide range of generic and brand-name drugs to US clients at affordable prices. This review highlights some of the reasons why you should make this pharmacy your number one option as far as buying medications online is concerned. We carried out comprehensive investigations about this website to determine whether it is legit or a scam. Below are our findings.

Read more… Reviews – Rely On Them Reviews – Hidden Secrets Unveiled is an online provider of drugs and pharmaceutical products. The website claims to sell well known pharmaceutical brands with general products across different categories. Further study of the website products showed that it resembles the look, design and conversion architecture of other rogue and scam websites operating illegally as an online pharmacy.

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