Reviews – Hidden Secrets Unveiled is an online provider of drugs and pharmaceutical products. The website claims to sell well known pharmaceutical brands with general products across different categories. Further study of the website products showed that it resembles the look, design and conversion architecture of other rogue and scam websites operating illegally as an online pharmacy.


The domain authority was checked on the website From the results, it was registered about 1 year 242 days ago, this was the only valuable information that could be found to ascertain the credibility of the website.

Looking deeper at the results, one would notice that the name of the organization that owns is listed as a privacy protection service. It can be suspicious for any business to register their organization and owner as privacy-protected service and doesn’t add to the credibility of the website.


Regulatory Body Approval

Websites that do business with drugs and pharmaceutics require an approval before they can sell their products online. Therefore,  international organizations such as CIPA exist to ensure that the drugs and pharmaceutical products are completely verified and deemed safe. was scanned on the CIPA database and there was no record of this site. The results came back as invalid which also does not add to the credibility of the website.


Website Risk Analysis was scanned with and from the results, the domain was given a score of 0% on popularity and a strict warning that the website is not recommended for buying. The results showed that does not have trust records and there’s no information for the Whois database.



The testimonials on were analyzed and they did not come out convincingly as real reviews. A red flag that usually occurs when analyzing deceptive scam websites is that all the feedbacks and testimonials usually come out positive and there is no way to validate whether these testimonials are real and whether the reviewer is a real customer.

This is evident, all the reviews are positive and there is no way of verifying how true the testimonials are. There are no social profile links of the clients or any concrete data to prove that they are real customers


Products, Offers, Payment and Shipping

The website is Mcafee secure and Hacker free and both Visa and Master card payment methods are accepted. The payment gateway is secure on HTTPS. The shipping is done via EMS and Airmail. The website claims to offer free shipping on your orders. You don’t have to show a prescription when purchasing from the website.

The product prices seem lower than usual, the enticing offer of free shipping motivates prospects to make a purchase and the 10% discount just for logging as a signed up user are all triggers meant to convert the prospect into buying their questionable and possibly deceptive products.


Legit Script was scanned on to check out the legitimacy of the website. validates thousands of websites and provides more credible information that can be found about the website. results showed that was scored as a rogue internet. After reviewing was able to determine that the website doesn’t meet up with the standards accredited to internet pharmacy verification. The results also showed that the website had zero legitimate status. According to legitscript, online pharmaceutical scam businesses operate with the intention of breaking the laws that govern the pharmaceutical industry and are more likely to perpetrate fraud and scam those who are ignorant of their mode of operation.



After combining all the analysis it is safe to conclude that is most-likely operating as a rogue and scam online pharmacy. It is not advisable for anyone to purchase from the website because it has no reasonable records of its owners listed and it doesn’t have the approval needed from regulatory bodies to prove its legitimacy and credibility. We can give only 2 out of 5 stars.




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