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According to the official website, Canadian Prescription Drugstore is the oldest, most trusted online pharmacy with 10+ years of operations and thousands of satisfied customers. According to our investigations, we can’t verify these claims; however, we can’t dismiss or endorse the pharmacy yet.  Here is a detailed review about the drugstore.

Website Info

A quick search on reveals that the drugstore’s domain was registered in December 2003. This verifies the claims that the drugstore is more than a decade old. Furthermore, scam sites don’t last for a year, let alone a decade.

However, there is no more info about the website such as the company attached to the website. Most legitimate online drugstores have a company name attached to the domain, but the domain may have been registered first. All in all, this isn’t enough to question the drugstore’s legitimacy. Furthermore, the drugstore has a physical address on the homepage.


Business Profile

The website doesn’t highlight any company name but presents Canadian Online Pharmacy as the business name. The precise owner of the drugstore is unknown since the pharmacy has used a privacy service to conceal the name of the person who registered the domain. We couldn’t establish the precise company name of this pharmacy or individual/s behind it; however, the drugstore has a verifiable physical address in Vancouver, Canada; 1275 West 6th Avenue, Suite 300.


Regulatory Approval and Certification

As mentioned earlier, Canadian Prescription Drugstore is certified by Pharmacy Checker which verifies drugstores after conducting direct checks with all the relevant local pharmacy boards.

The drugstore is also certified by the CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) and IPABC (International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia).

Although the FCA’s current regulations don’t support shipment of prescription medicines imported from Canadian online pharmacies by a United States consumer, importation is allowed under some federal and state laws overriding the FDA’s position.

Some state governments, as well as consumer rights groups in the U.S.A., promote the importation of medication. Furthermore, the FDA has given information on importing medication safely. There’s also no record of any U.S. resident being prosecuted by the Food and Drug Administration for importing medication (non-controlled prescription medication for personal use).

Furthermore, the drugstore hasn’t been flagged by LegitScript as a rogue. LegitScript labels drugstores rogue if they offer drugs which aren’t safe for use. Canadian Prescription Drugstore is unapproved simply because the drugstore hasn’t met all verification requirements.



This pharmacy sells medication from a variety of fully licensed, independent and verified pharmacy partners globally. The drugstore has partners in India, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, England and the USA. The drugstore’s pharmacy network partners have been certified by Pharmacy Checker, a renowned independent company that verifies international online pharmacies. Pharmacy Checker verifies pharmacies by checking directly with relevant local pharmacy boards.


Available Products and Ordering

The drugstore has a very wide selection of products and one of the easiest online ordering processes. You can browse for medication alphabetically, fill your shopping cart and check-out. The drugstore offers a variety of payment options. Once you get an email confirmation of your order which is sent immediately, you are required to send your prescription.

You must scan and send a valid doctor’s prescription to before you can receive any drugs from the drugstore. Alternatively, you can reply the order confirmation email attaching your scanned prescription. You can also send your prescription via fax toll-free no: 1-866-290-2272. Canadian Prescription Drugstore doesn’t ship controlled drugs.



It claims to be among the online pharmacies helping over 2 million Americans save 80% of medication costs by ordering online. The drugstore also offers an additional 5% discount for specific payment methods, i.e., check by mail payments.

This is on top of offering a 30-day return policy, no questions asked. You also get free shipping for orders that aren’t delivered in 30 days (in the USA only). Reviews

There are many positive reviews about Canadian Prescription Drugstore online. From our assessment, most people are happy with the drugstore’s service.

Although there are some negative reviews as well, most appear to be fake given they are duplicated on many “suspect” sites which tend to be hired by companies keen on “taking out” their competition.



Canadian RX Prescription has been in business for a long time. Fraudulent drugstores don’t last for a decade. Our investigations prove that the drugstore is indeed legit. The drugstore may not have acquired every single approval such as LegitScript approval; however, it has the most essential certifications and approvals.

Based on our findings, we rate this drugstore 4 out of 5 stars.




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