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homepage is an ostensibly worthwhile online pharmacy for drugs, but ONLY according to the site. So what makes it nugatory? Read on to find out.

About Website claims to offer online retail services for the most popular drugs like tramadol, carisoma, etc. That’s not the only thing. They also offer these drugs at very pocket-friendly prices that no one else would. That sounds economical, doesn’t it?

The website was created back in 2007, according to reliable sources.  They’ve been in this platform for quite a long time. That is quite good, but what have they been offering for this long time?


Certification and Legal Approvals

Likewise, this “online pharmacy” assert that they have got a license to offer such services. Last but not least, these folks asseverate and stick to it that they also offer quality products and services, just as any other service provider would also say. They do shipping services, too.

But you know what? That’s not the reality! This is a rogue pharmacy and its claims are modified by the common marketing strategies that have usually mislead a lot of people for long. That can be confirmed by its absence in the LegitScript legal list. Scamadviser also grants it only 11% safety rating. Based on all that, we also find worthy of being considered rogue.


Location and Contacts

This company hasn’t ever provided any location of their warehouse! That sounds very awkward. Under standard and conventional considerations, you wouldn’t be sure of your security if any issue arises and if you have to reach them physically for a solution. However, sources suspect that they may be located in Cambodia, Pakistan or China. So how do you start buying medicine from people who only exist online but not physically? Who can they be? That is a question that’s almost impossible to answer. Isn’t it?

Again, Pharma Offshore have neither live chat option nor a phone number. The only way to reach them is by sending an email. That is not the only absurd news. Most, if not all people who contact them through that email never receive a response! Another indisputable con for them.


Quality of Their Products

It can’t be trusted much. It is not easy to find a platform that retails products at a very low price, without listing their source of the products. They also offer discounts without coupon codes. That leaves us with a lot of suspense about the quality of these products. Some sources suspect that Pharma Offshore could even be involved in an across-the-border smuggling.


Payment options

They accept payments through MasterCard, Visa and Bitcoin. However, the most popular and widely accepted PayPal, American Express and E-check among others can’t be used. That leaves behind a question mark. You surely can’t expect a high rating for that.


PharmaOffshore Coupon Code

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any coupons or promo code for Reviews and Complaints reviews are manipulated. None demonizes their services besides the numerous flaws they surely have with the website.  The testimonial section contains a lot of positive reviews. However, we can’t look at the profiles of those people. It is most likely they are not real.

This means that the online pharmacy can do anything else to increase their sales. That’s equally dangerous. Another weakness.



According to testimonies given by the customers who don’t exist,  shipping takes around 2 to 3 weeks. The website actually uses postal services and EMS service for shipping. However, they don’t use FedEx, TNT and/or DHL services. That also leaves us wondering why, yet these are the most used services for shipping.



As earlier stated, Pharma Offshore claim to be licensed. There is not a single evidence for that! The most popular licensing boards like COPA, FDA, NAPB, EMA, PGEU and HHS don’t recognize Pharma Offshore. Where then did their claimed license come from? We don’t have to explain that further.


Our Verdict – Is PharmaOffshore reliable?

Although life itself is gambling, you have to choose between the available odds wisely. A 2-star rating is below average. That’s what we can rate them after a long and close analysis. That is odd that almost no one can go for, especially when it comes to seeking medical assistance.

Our advice is that you should avoid buying from, and we guess that should go without a say. The website calls itself a pharmacy but has no doctor to prescribe the right dose for patients. That’s something like running without legs or wheels. If you really value your life, we advise you to seek other alternatives.




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