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common view is yet another online drugstore that you’ve got no reasons to trust. Don’t get worried about the reasons why we’ve come to such a conclusion about it. We explain why below. Keep reading.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-11-15
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-888-729-55-41
US: +1-888-729-43-01
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Overview claims to retail drugs online and globally. It’s got no specified location it operates from, with many people coming up with possibilities of where it could actually be (we’ll talk about that later). It surely provides drugs at low prices and this may lure you to purchase drugs with them.

It’s time to be careful with your life!


Source of Drugs

We’ve just stated that supplies drugs at very low prices, low that leaves you wondering whether the manufacturer makes a profit or gives charity. The drugs are therefore most likely sourced from cross-border smuggling, and there’s a high risk of poisoning too. So take care, please.


Mirror Sites

The interface of this site looks familiar because we have made lots of reviews of its mirror websites.

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A good and recommendable website that supplies drugs online should be on the list of most, if not all the available sites that approve online drug stores. They’re many, including but not limited to; CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association), LegitScript, NAPB (National Association of Boards of Pharmacies), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S), EMA (European Medicines Agency), PGEU, HHS (Department of Health and Human Services), FBA, … you list more.

Invalid appears not in any of these certifiers’ lists. We don’t need to clarify anything else about what that means, do we? If yes, it means that is 99.9 percent likely to be a scam.



Not known. The website uses some sort of technology to hide their identity. Though some claim that they operate from India, some Bangladesh, and many more, we strongly believe that these fellows operate from the Netherlands. We have more than what proof needs.


The hiding communicates a lot. It means that something heterodox is going on. That goes without a say. Just tell us if you would buy drugs from someone with an unknown identity. Maybe something else but not drugs.


Contact Information

The site customer care agents are ONLY contacted through e-mail. No live chat option or any other form of trusted communication strategy. Why? To make it worse is that even after sending the e-mail, you aren’t sure of a quick and apt response. Something must be wrong somewhere.

This indicates that these business operators expect to be bothered by difficult questions that they can’t answer. They, therefore, don’t want to be available to answer what they actually can’t. That’s a lack of confidence in what they’re doing. Isn’t it?


Site Safety

Google Safe Browsing doesn’t regard as malware. So it’s quite safe.


Payment Options

To begin with, payments to this website are secured by the fact that the site uses HTTPS to protect data. That’s great, but you don’t really expect them not to secure payments. They need the money.

The payment options accepted by are Mastercard and Visa period. No bitcoin, no PayPal, no American Express, no JCB, no E-check, no any other payment options! However, a good website should include PayPal among the payment options it offers. Why? We can hear you ask. It’s because, with Paypal, you can easily request a refund successfully. You probably know what I mean. So this online pharmacy is a scam. Understanding that isn’t like rocket science. Reviews

People’s opinions tell much about whether something is trustable or not. Unfortunately for this site, we realize that the customers’ reviews section hasn’t a single genuine positive review! For example, we have noticed Andrew, George, Linda, and Barbra, positively reviewing different drugstores and that indicates a pure lie.




Overall Rating

All the above boils down to a single star rating for this online pharmacy. No otherwise. The hiding, non-accountability, anonymity and many more surely makes it deserve that.

Our free piece of advice to you is that you avoid this online pharmacy like plague. You shall be the example to others of the slogan that says “cheap is expensive”. Tell your friends too to tell their friends not to purchase from a one-star rated pharmacy like this, unless they’ve got a spare life and resources to use in case they lose the one they’ve got now. Good luck!




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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