Drugs-365.com Reviews – Foul Play

Drugs-365.com boasts incredibly low medication prices and fast shipping to customers worldwide. Is there a reason to be worried? Find out in our review!

Company Origins And Certification

drugs-365.com claims to be a Canadian Pharmacy, offering medication dispensing and shipping services both locally and globally. They have been considered an active business since 2001 and are best known for their selection of low-priced generic medication.

While claiming to obtain generic medication from trusted suppliers and manufacturers, the company fails to mention any notable names. Their website showcases certifications and approval by FDA and PGEU. Though claiming to be Canadian-based, they sorely lack the certification of CIPA, the country’s association of pharmacies. They claim to be licensed and on the upside, they do provide their international licensing number on their website. The fact that they are missing the most important means of certification based on their declared country of origin should be fairly suspicious.


Business Information

The Canadian pharmacy continues to elude questions pertaining to its true location in the world by not providing a mailing address that would link them to Canada. Normally, this would not be considered suspicious. After all, this pharmacy does not sell any Rx medication, so they wouldn’t have a need for a mailing address.

The real concerns are the phone numbers listed on the company’s website. Claiming international coverage, drugs-365.com offers two phone numbers customers can use to get in touch. While there is nothing glaringly suspicious about these numbers at first, they do cause a large issue. These two exact numbers have been used as official contact numbers by 9 other online pharmacies, all with low credibility scores and some even closed, after their scam intents have been exposed. Whether or not all of these pharmacies are affiliated in an elaborate scam scheme of some sort is unknown, but it can’t be a coincidence that they all happen to share the same number.

There are no known email addresses or live chat support present on the website. The only other way for customers to contact the company would be through their online form. Considering the phone number credibility, this may be the only valid way to actually contact someone affiliated with drugs-365.com.


Official Website

The website appears simplistic and clean at first glance. The main focus is centered on the online store, with a handful of pages containing their policy, some information about the business and a section containing an online form, where users can submit their questions or concerns to the company.

However, upon closer inspection, the self-proclaimed Canadian pharmacy runs into yet another obstacle that conflicts with its declared origin. This time, it is the company website, which seems to have originated from Lithuania, but has ties to Ukraine as well. With the website itself being less than six months old, and two additional pharmacy websites hosted on the same server, this online pharmacy is leaning more and more towards the scam’ end of the scale. Though this should not come as a surprise at this rate, the website owner information has been hidden, exhibiting another sign of a rogue pharmacy. Further research has also revealed that the website has an extremely small number of visitors.

Users are not required to register an account before placing an order.

The online store offers a fairly large selection of generic medication. They offer antibiotics, pain relief medication, antidepressants and weight loss products, among other things. The prices are ridiculously low, as expected of a website trying to lure customers into making a purchase.

Though the website itself is not as secure and has a very low-speed score, the checkout page is at least protected by a 256-bit SSL encryption. Accepted payment methods are Visa and MasterCard and users are invited to select a bonus upon every purchase, as a gift from the company.


Mirror websites

There are a large number of mirror websites. We made a review for one of them. Just press on the link below.


Shipping and Delivery Methods

There are only two couriers used by this pharmacy to ship and deliver orders to customers worldwide. The United States Postal Service and EMS express. Orders shipped via AirMail are estimated to arrive anywhere between 2 to 3 business weeks, and there is no online tracking available. The pharmacy will cover the shipping costs of this courier for any orders that exceed $200 in value.
Their faster alternative, EMS express, will see orders delivered in 3 to 8 business days, costing users $9.95 in shipping fees. The pharmacy will cover the shipping costs of this courier for any orders rising about $300.


Customer Feedback

Other than the customer testimonials, as seen on the website, there seem to be no direct customer reviews associated with this online pharmacy. There were only two in-depth comments on the business on two websites. One highly recommended it, possibly an affiliate of the business, and another recommending highly against it due to scam potential it holds. Seeing as the website is barely 3 months old as it is, expecting hundreds of testimonials would be unrealistic.

The testimonial page holds about 20 customer comments. All of them are positive, mostly praising the fast delivery of their ordered products. Seeing as there is no real way to determine if these customers are legit, it would be much safer to assume the testimonials on the website are fake.


Final Verdict

Is drugs-365.com a scam or legit? The presented findings should be more than enough to deem this online pharmacy unsafe. All of the red flags are there and there is very little legitimate information that can be held true to the business itself. Therefore, you are strongly advised to seek medication elsewhere and avoid doing business with this online pharmacy at all costs. This review will conclude by giving the business only 2 out of 5 stars. Though the low prices may seem tempting, the scamming intent is glaringly obvious and your money would certainly be much better and safer spent elsewhere.




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