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Today we review, which is an online drugstore that allegedly dispenses high-quality medications to customers worldwide. Although the pharmacy looks genuine from the onset, our investigations reveal that there is more to this than what meets the eye. We strongly suspect that this pharmacy is an illegal online business. Here are the reasons why.

Domain Information

This website has been active for approximately two and a half years since its registration in 2015-09-22. However, according to, information about the name of the registrant is not readily available. We understand that the owner is using a protection service to hide personal details. However, we can confirm that the domain was registered in Pakistan, which is a high-risk country renowned for online fraud.

Apparently, this domain is related to dozens of suspicious websites. These mirror websites have different names, but have the same web layout and offer similar products. The fact that this pharmacy does not come out in the open to reveal its relation to these mirror websites is a clear indication that it belongs to an illegal marketing syndicate.

Some of the websites related to this domain include:


The existence of numerous mirror websites and the low trust rating on is a massive sign that this pharmacy is a scam.


Company Profile

The company running this pharmacy uses the name Canada Pharmacy as its business name. However, a quick search on shows that the company is based in Pakistan, and not Canada. The fact that we cannot confirm the exact physical business address of this pharmacy clearly shows that it is not genuine.


Approvals from Regulatory Agencies

Although the pharmacy claims to offer FDA-approved medications, we discovered that it does not have any relations to the FDA. Furthermore, this pharmacy does not possess certifications or legal approvals from any regulatory agency. This simply means that this pharmacy is an illegally-operating business.

The fact that the pharmacy is operating without approvals raises questions about the quality of drugs available. We highly suspect that this pharmacy is dealing in counterfeit drugs, and that is why they do not seem to bother about acquiring legal approvals and certifications. They have even been listed on as a rogue pharmacy.


Available Products

This pharmacy allegedly offers various types of medications, including Accutane supplements, antibiotics, and sexual health products. Nearly all medications are sourced from Pakistan and other Asian countries.

We suspect that the quality of medications is very low considering the fact that countries like Pakistan do not have stringent laws that govern the production and distribution of medicines. What is more alarming is that you do not require a prescription to order for any medication.

Despite claiming to offer cheap medications, some of the drugs are more expensive than the normal market prices. However, you can enjoy discounted rates by entering any word as your coupon code during checkout for a 10% discount.


Payments and Deliveries

You may make payments using Visa or MasterCard only. However, we established that this pharmacy does not own an SSL certificate, meaning that your credit card data may be compromised.

Shipping and delivery options include express mail service and standard airmail shipping. Standard airmail costs $9.95 while EMS costs $19.95. Orders above $200 receive free airmail shipping while orders above $300 are entitled to free EMS shipping.

The possibility of losing your money to scammers is very high!!! Reviews and Testimonials

Surprisingly, all the customer reviews available on this site are positive. This is rather suspicious considering the fact that it is almost impossible to satisfy all customers in equal measure. Another suspicious aspect about these testimonials is that they do not have a date, meaning that we cannot know the exact time or date they were published.

The two reviews available on are 100% negative. It is therefore advisable that you keep away from this pharmacy if you want to avoid a bad experience.


Conclusion – Is  Online Pills (Canadian Pharmacy) Legit?

From the complaints raised against this pharmacy, we can confidently confirm that this drugstore is a scam. Firstly, the owner of this site is using an anonymous service to hide crucial details about the company. The website also involves a high-risk country, and this means that the likelihood of losing your money to scammers is very high. Your data may also be compromised considering the fact that this pharmacy does not have an SSL certificate.

When it comes to rating, we can only give it a 1 out of 5 overall rating.




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