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Over the recent years, online pharmacies retailing men’s health supplements and products have increased tremendously. Such a phenomenon could only be a confirmation that there is a high global demand for these products. Even though a majority of these pharmacies claim to sell genuine and effective medication, most of them don’t.  One such pharmacy is

After conducting research, we can authoritatively say that this online store is a scam, and anyone in search of men’s health supplements should avoid it like the plague. Through the following review, we will point out convincing facts to show that the site is a scam.

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Store’s website

Just from the details about the store, it is evident that something is amiss. For starters, the pharmacy claims that it has been in existence since 2006. However, simple searches on and reveal that the owner registered the site on the 9th of November 2015. It shows that the online pharmacy is approximately two years and nine months old. Secondly, the owner of the Site has used an anonymous service to conceal his or her name. While such an action might be to ensure that the owner doesn’t get spam emails from aggressive marketers, it might as well be a calculated move to keep the identity of the website owner secret. According to, such a method is used by many scam sites.



Even if the pharmacy is an online store, it ought to have a physical address from which it runs its everyday affairs. A surprising thing about is that they seem to operate without an address. Could that have been an oversight on the part of the website owner? Did they forget to include the physical address? Or is it a premeditated effort to hoodwink buyers?

The website creates the impression that it is a US based company. However, the scam advisor analysis shows that the site was registered in India, and is most likely grounded in Moscow, Russia., therefore, cautions that even though no one has reported the site as being unsafe, the mere fact that it involves high-risk countries makes the website users vulnerable to online scammers and fraudsters.


Company Operating Pharmacy

Besides not having a physical address, the website also fails to point out who the owners of the pharmacy are. In fact, nowhere on the site is there a mention of a company name or organization. Not even on the pharmacy’s “About Us” page. That alone is a worrying red flag. It wouldn’t be astounding to learn that the company lacks certifications from relevant regulatory authorities, or that it is operating illegally.


Products on Sale

The online pharmacy primarily offers health products for men and a few for women. On their site, they claim that their products including the generic Viagra are safe, original and uncompromised in quality. The challenge is that they sell the products to consumers even without a prescription from a physician. That by itself makes the products extremely hazardous and unsafe, bearing in mind that most sexual health products can result in health risks such as hypertension, or even cardiac arrest.

Shockingly, on their disclaimer policy, the company rejects any liability from the misuse of the drug by patients. Which only affirms that the store cannot guarantee the generic viagra safety. Moreover, the company deals primarily with generic health products. These drugs and supplements come from India and a few Asian Nations, most of which are notorious for counterfeiting medication.


Pricing of Products

The company claims to offer its drugs at very low prices and further promises a 100% refund. The truth, however, is that the cheap price claim is just that, a ploy aimed to hoodwink buyers to purchase the medication. When it comes to refunds, the company has a refund policy that states they can ask the client to reship the product instead. Whatever that means, is left to the imagination. We bet that they never make refunds.


Online Payments Gateways

Customers wishing to make purchases on the platform can make payments using MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. The surprising thing is that the website isn’t secure since it lacks an SSL Certificate. The absence of the SSL means that attackers can easily steal buyer’s sensitive data such as passwords and credit cards.


Customer Reviews and Testimonials

It is standard for online stores to have a section where customers can post testimonials of their experience with a product or service. Ironically, does not have such a page. Instead, it has on its homepage, a paragraph titled “Good Words,” which contains a few reviews. Even though all the comments on the page are positive, it is hard to tell whether they are authentic. Moreover, the reviews do not have dates, and there is no way to contact the users. It would be better if the user’s names redirected to the users’ social profiles.



Because of all the above shortcomings, the logical conclusion is that the is an unsafe shady site. And even though we give it a star rating of 3 out of 5, we wouldn’t recommend buying products from this site. After all, it is shrouded in too many malpractices. Anyone in need of men’s health products would be better off shopping from credible and verified retailers.




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