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main page is an online pharmacy which provides cheap generic men’s health drugs. They claim to have the lowest prices online and give away free samples with your order. We review their setup to find out that they aren’t the most reliable source of pills online, read on to find out why.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-09-27
Owner CountryBelarus
Contact Informationno
Business Information
NameViagra Bit
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the base
Customer Support
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The information revealed in the domain record shows that this site address was registered in 2016. This isn’t a really long time for a store to have been operating so this could indicate that this online pharmacy is more likely to be a scam.

registered in 2016

The domain record also gives a few details about the ownership of this site. There is an organization name ‘Arvensis’ and a location given as Viciebskaja Voblasc, Belarus.


from Belarus


Business Contact Details

The store doesn’t provide an address in Belarus as might be expected after looking at the domain records. In fact, they don’t seem very keen to give any information about the business or where they are based on this site. Only by reading through the terms and conditions on the store is a business name and address revealed.

The business name is ‘Arv Consulting LP’ which does bear some similarity to the name found in the domain record. There is also an address in Edinburgh, UK. When we check this address we find that there is a business called ‘Alpha P Consulting Ltd’ which provides services to businesses.

Alpha P Consulting Ltd.

Part of the services provided by this business are virtual office setups and they say that they have international clients. This means that the information in the domain record is more likely to be the correct for the pharmacy, but we can’t be completely certain.


Regulatory Approval

This store shows no regulatory seals, on their site, to make us believe that they are operating within a regulatory framework to keep customers safe. If they were genuinely in the UK (though we don’t think that they actually are) they would need to be registered with the government body the MHRA.

not found

A check with the MHRA website shows that, as expected, they are not registered with them.


Mirror Stores

There are a small number of other pharmacy sites which are almost completely identical to this store. The only difference between these stores is normally only the domain name and the site logo. Everything else on the site is totally the same in most cases.

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They may have the same owner, but we can’t be sure as they clearly wish to remain anonymous.


Medication on Sale

This store only offers generic men’s health pills. They say that these pills are dispatched from India though don’t provide any more details than this. They also don’t prove that the pills are dispensed from a licensed pharmacy, and this raises the likelihood of the drugs being low-quality or even completely fake.

men's health drugs with special pricing

They also don’t require a valid prescription from a registered doctor. This is a common problem found with scam pharmacies and means that they will sell you anything you want regardless of whether it is safe for you to take.


Payment and Shipping

The store’s checkout section has a valid security certificate to make sure that your information can’t be intercepted when you supply it to them. Pills can be paid for using Visa, Mastercard as well as Bitcoin. Additional protection is provided by Norton’s Shopping Guarantee when you shop on this site.

The store gives you free standard shipping on orders above $80 and free express shipping on purchases above $150. Aside from this, shipping is charged at $29 for standard 10 to 18-day delivery. Express delivery with tracking costs $39, with arrival in 7 to 10 days. Reviews

This online drugstore seems to have a large number of testimonials about their business. They have a popup on their site which displays reviews. When we check through these comments we can see that most of them are people leaving feedback about a particular medicine they have used, with no mention of the store’s involvement or any complaints.


These comments are quite generic which can often suggest that the comments are actually fake. The testimonials are also found on the other mirror stores and don’t relate to this pharmacy.



The biggest problem with this store is the almost complete lack of transparency about the ownership and the where the drugs are dispensed from. They also have no regulation and this is a mirror of a small number of other drugstores.

One saving grace we’ve found with this store is the shopper protection provided by Norton. It is for these reasons, that we award 2 stars out of 5 to this pharmacy.




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