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QualityDrugstoreNow24.com is a store which claims to have been in business for 9 years and is one of the leading pharmacies online. But given the name of this site the obvious question is, does this drugstore sell quality drugs? Our findings suggest that they don’t and that there are many reasons to doubt the claims made by this pharmacy.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-03-17
Owner CountryPoland
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameQuality Drugstore
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-800-532-4808
UK: +44-200-222-7084
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The details contained within the domain name record show that this website has only been online since 2017. More recent domains pose a greater risk of being a scam than older sites. The authorities normally take down scam pill sellers eventually, so older stores are generally more trustworthy.

online since 2017

The only information found in the record for the owner is the information that they are in Uruguay. There isn’t an organization name so this suggests the address was registered by an individual.


Business Contact Details

The contact page and, in fact, the whole site, fails to give any information about who is running the store or where they are based. They provide an online form and a few phone numbers if you need to get in contact with them but this isn’t an ideal thing to find.

Ultimately, we can’t be completely sure where this store is operating from. The information in the domain record shows that the pharmacy is likely operated from Uruguay but this can’t be confirmed.


Regulatory Approvals

This online pharmacy is lacking any sign that they are operating within regulatory rules. This, quite understandably, is a problem which could put both your health and your financial details at risk.

status: rogue

LegitScript also has a problem with the lack of regulation. They consider the store to be a rogue pharmacy which is knowingly violating the law.


Medication on Sale

men's health pillsOnly generic drugs are available on the store and a reasonable range of pills are offered. Despite this, the store seems to be mostly focused on the sale of men’s health pills. The prices, while fairly low, aren’t the cheapest we’ve seen.

On the FAQ page of the site, they allude to the fact that the pills are sent from India. They don’t give any more information than this, however, so we are unable to find out if this is from a legitimate source or not.

When it comes to prescriptions, they say that you will be asked to provide a valid prescription, after ordering, if it is required in your country. However, we very much doubt that this actually happens.


Store Security

This site doesn’t have the basic level of security you would normally expect to find on any retail site. There is no valid SSL certificate to protect you when you use the store. This puts you at risk from having any information you give to the store intercepted by people looking to steal the details of customers using the site.

McAffee and Trusted Rx Approved

The site makes the claim that they are secure and use seals from GeoTrust and McAfee. When you click on these seals you aren’t taken to the security companies’ sites to validate this claim and therefore this must be fake.

However, when you make your way through the checkout you find yourself on a different site completely. This new site does have a valid SSL certificate but makes no further claims of being safe beyond calling the site Online Secure Billing.


Payments and Shipping

To pay for your pills you are able to use:

  • Visa
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • AmEx
  • Bitcoin

Shipping is offered by means of airmail or courier with tracking. The airmail delivery will cost $10 and take up to 3 weeks. Courier delivery is more expensive at $30 but shipping takes about a week.


QualityDrugstoreNow24.com Reviews

Customer testimonials can be a great source of information on how a pharmacy really operates. When we check out the QualityDrugstoreNow24.com reviews posted to their own testimony page we can see feedback from a lot of really happy customers.


When looking at these testimonies we notice a rather large problem. One of the customers writes about placing his order in 2006 but as we have already discovered, this site was created in 2017. Therefore, this customer feedback must be fake, probably stolen from a more reputable site at some point.



We have found many problems during our review of this pharmacy. Most of the owner’s details are hidden the pharmacy isn’t following any regulation and there are doubts about the quality of the medication sold.

When you put it all together, this store does seem like a scam. Our finding is an award of just 1 star out of a maximum of 5.




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