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common view, an online drugstore aims to sell various types of medications at an extremely cheap price. Needless to mention, the quality of such drugs is absolutely poor and substandard. Plus, this internet pharmacy site doesn’t have any necessary permits or approvals as well. Therefore, please stay away from such a rogue drugstore and read the complete review to know more about them.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-11-28
Owner CountryUS
Contact Informationno
Business Information
NameVia Best Buys
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Info

Let’s now quickly reveal the domain information of this rogue pharmacy that’s apparently running a scam business and deceiving the normal customers like you. The original domain registration date of this website is 2016-11-28 (according to Thus, the platform is operating for more than two years by now. The registrar name of this platform is given as PakNIC (Private) Limited which seems to be a totally fake information. What’s more, the drugstore hasn’t provided/revealed any information about the registrant contact details.

registered on 2016

Well, if it has been a genuine pharmacy, it should not have tried to fake their identity or hide the contact details. These findings surely prove that is an unreliable pharmacy which doesn’t have much credibility.


Business Profile

According to, it’s a relatively new site that has very limited and hidden information. To be more precise, the pharmacy is US-based but the actual location of it has not been clearly mentioned. In fact, the owner of this shameful website is using some kind of services in order to hide their identity.

new site with limited and hidden information


Regulatory Approvals

As expected, the platform does not really have any approvals from the regulatory authorities. That’s primarily because — it’s a completely fraudulent online drugstore. According to the, this pharmacy website is not registered to their valid member database. Similarly, has mentioned that it’s a rogue pharmacy which has failed to fulfill the standards and protocols that are set or defined by


Without having any approvals or certifications of operation, this deceitful has claimed that all of the products that they sell are FDA-approved. Of course, this claim is totally fake and misleading as FDA has neither tested nor approved their drugs/medicines.


Available Products

As mentioned earlier, the website sells a wide variety of generic drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs are procured from Asian countries like India where many cases of counterfeit drug quality have been already reported. Please be noted that countries like India never follows stringent protocols when it comes to maintaining the appropriate quality of sensitive healthcare products. Taking these factors into consideration, you are highly recommended not to purchase any medicines from

Poor-quality drugs can cause a serious impact on your health.



The pricing of the substandard quality drugs that the platform sells is much cheaper than the standard market rate. However, please do not get enticed by such low price tag. That’s because — the pharmacy is most probably involved with either cross-border smuggling or counterfeiting.

Generic Tarceva and Viagra Super Force



The pharmacy accepts various types of online payment methods using which you can place an order. For example, you can place an order through your MasterCard or Visa. Likewise, you may also use Bitcoin in order to place your orders.

Unfortunately, the platform does not seek any prescription before purchasing their drugs. Rest assured that you are allowed to buy any of your preferred medications without providing a prescription.



Coming to the delivery methods, the website has two shipping methods, such as USPS Express Shipping with Tracking and USPS Regular Shipping. In case of USPS Express Shipping with Tracking, it takes around seven-ten days to receive the ordered products.

The shipping charge for USPS Express Shipping with Tracking is $39. But, the shipping charge is completely waived off if you place an order for $150 or above. Likewise, the shipping charge for USPS Regular Shipping is $29. In case of USPS Regular Shipping, it will require 10 – 18 days in order to get the orders delivered to your location. The shipping charge (for USPS Regular Shipping) is waived off if you place an order for $80 or more. Reviews

All of the reviews that are posted on the testimonial section are bound to be fake and manipulated. Plus, there is absolutely no way to verify the identity of the fake unknown customers whose reviews are posted on this site.



Final Verdict

Considering our cumulative findings, it can be mentioned that, is an unreliable, non-compliant, and unapproved drugstore which is selling poor quality medications. That’s why we have rated this drugstore with just 2 stars out of 5 overall rating. Please stay away from this pharmacy and do not purchase their drugs.




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