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Polarmeds.com is an online pharmacy boasting low medication prices and supreme customer service. Are they the perfect choice to fill your next prescription? Find out in our review!

Company Origins And Certification

Polarmeds.com isn’t just your average online pharmacy. According to them, they are an international prescription service which merely connects interested customers with certified pharmacies in Canada and the United States, to provide the best prices on a wide assortment of medication. They are offering over 2000 different products in the prescription and non-prescription medication range.

This Canadian-based business has been running since the year 2003, giving it an impressive track record. There have been mentions of the business mysteriously shutting down during early 2017, further backed by the fact that the website is no longer accessible. Interestingly enough, there have been no mentions whatsoever as to why the company suddenly vanished after 15 years of service. According to CIPA, this company is considered to be an active member and bears the necessary certification to sell and dispense medical supplies.


Business Information

Seeing as the company claims to be based in Canada, the provided mailing address points to 825 Erin Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. They seem to handle their orders a bit more strictly than the majority of the modern online pharmacies. The customers would not only have to submit their prescription online but also mail the original before their orders could be processed.

The official number to reach the customer service, as listed, is (800) 784-2309, and there is also a fax number, presumably for potential buyers to fax her prescriptions over to. The number is (888) 875-0946. The email address info@polarmeds.com is also available, for all customer inquiries and prescription-related correspondence. The information is easily accessible and checks out, which is a good sign of a reliable, legit online pharmacy.


Official Website

The website certainly isn’t all that it could be. Considering the fact that the company has been in business since 2003, it would be easy to conclude that web design wasn’t as evolved as it is today. Still, as a result, the company still has a very retro looking website which feels clunky and disheveled when compared to your average modern website. The design is very simplistic, but the real problem is the online store section. Usually, there will be an integrated search bar, to help users locate the medication they need faster. The only option the website has is an alphabetically ordered list of all available medication.

This certainly makes searching for the product a lot more tedious than it really needs to be. Additionally, it doesn’t have a very good security score either. Multiple web safety analysis platforms have detected potential malware issues and a general lack of security altogether. The number of visits is also disturbingly low for a business that has been around for as long as 15 years.

Although the security issues might have something to do with the obsolete web design methods used, it could also prove the business is a scam. Another thing to consider is that the website seems to be operated from the United States and not Canada, as one would expect.


Shipping and Delivery Methods

There is very little information available in terms of shipping and handling of the orders. The courier the company uses is unknown and there aren’t any polarmeds feedback online that mention any details in regards to shipping. The company doesn’t have a return policy but will offer a replacement of any package deemed defective or damaged in any form.

The company doesn’t offer free pills on larger orders, any notable discounts or even free shipping for orders that reach a certain value. These are certainly all perks that attract and retain loyal customers, but this business did not seem to offer any of them at all.


PolarMeds.com Reviews

Strangely enough, there is a huge lacking of polarmeds reviews available online. For a company that has been in business as long as they have, one would expect no shortage of both positive and negative comments. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In fact, there have been only three mentions of this business on the Internet. There were two positive reviews and one stern warning from a client suggesting credit card fraud. Whether or not this claim is true is unknown, but the fact that the business hasn’t accumulated many customer feedback over the years should definitely be suspicious.


Final Verdict

Is Polarmeds.com a scam or legit, then? It would be hard to say, seeing as there is very little to go on. This online pharmacy is still CIPA accredited. The few suspicious details regarding their origins and website security should definitely serve as a warning. Seeing as it is not accessible as of now, the question is rendered moot, unless the company decides to pick up where they left off and resume their business. Until then, the website will get a 3-star rating, while any potential customers would be encouraged to look for another source of medication.




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