Reviews – Exceptional Fraud promises products at low prices and free shipping on a wonder pill that is acclaimed to have brain-boosting abilities. However, the only boost we see on this site is to their own pocketbooks.

About Website

This online pharmacy specifically offers two different brands of mental awareness products. They are directly from the manufacturers at lower costs with free shipping. One of the unique factors in this website is their claim on providing safer and security measures for payment without the need to insert credit card information on the web. The company offers Bitcoin and Altcoin payment options as a ‘safer’ alternative and even offer a promotional discount for using this method over standard payment options.


Refunds and Returns

According to their return and shipping policy, Afinilexpress ships worldwide using express mail service as their mode of delivery, which can take a week up to 30 days to ship. They state a full refund will be granted upon issues with the product that is within their guidelines.



This pharmaceutical website provides specific products that contain lab-quality active ingredients to boost mental awareness. They claim to be the only website where these products can be purchased with the payment option using Bitcoin and Altcoin as well as offering international shipping. They also accept additional methods of payment and claim to use secure and encrypted servers.


Red Flags

There are certain factors in websites that can play a key part in determining if it is a legit company or may be a fraud. Upon further review, there were some elements that raised concern. Here are some issues we found with this site that raise suspicion for a risky online pharmacy:

  • Expired HTTP
  • Owned by a high-risk country
  • Unapproved by the VIPPS

Despite the claims on the website of security and running on encrypted servers, Afinliexpress is currently running on an expired HTTP. This can be an indicator of a fraudulent website or a website where your information may not be really secure. Reputable online pharmacies are in good standing with their domain and HTTP status to prove their security between the owner and the consumers. Likewise, a reputable domain will have a lifespan longer than a year. This website domain was created only 2 years ago and has not attained any trust records.

There seems to be something shady about the origin of the website. The website location is listed as a U.S. based company, however, the website owner is associated in a country that is known to be a high risk of fraud and scams. High-risk countries are flagged for having a higher percentage than others in scams or producing replica/fake goods.

Another major concern with the legitimacy of this online pharmacy is the fact that it is not listed as an accredited pharmacy under the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. There are strict standards and criteria required to ensure optimal safety and quality is taken upon these businesses to be qualified for verification. Online pharmacies that are not approved under the standards in place for medical or pharmaceutical practice may be operating in violation with laws and regulations pertaining to these practices. Reviews

There were two positive reviews and one negative review from consumers that purchased products through this website that were posted under a forum. A comment from one unfortunate customer that experienced an issue ordering through this company reveals that they do not deliver on their promise to issue refunds on orders. Although the payment option of using Bitcoin or Altcoin is stated as a safer way to buy online as well as issuing refunds, the customer feedback prove otherwise. Additionally, the lack of reviews, in general, raises some eyebrows to the company’s reputation. The site also does not receive an impressive number of visitors, which means it is not very popular.



Based on the red flags we’ve seen with this company, in addition to the bad reviews, it is a safe bet that this online pharmacy is a scam. It is strongly advised to stay away from ordering or browsing around on this website as you may be putting your data at risk. Do not be swayed by the false claims on the safety and security with

The rating is only 1 out of 5 stars.




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