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Mypillrx website looks very professional and legit at first glance but don’t let the website design, excellent product selection and offers fool you. Mypillrx is another disaster waiting to happen to customers who dare to buy anything from the website. Our investigations prove mypillrx is a scam and here’s why.

Domain information

A quick check on the domain information reveals that was registered on 2015-07-27 with the latest update taking place on 2017-09-08. The details of the persons/entity behind the domain are protected using a domain managing service. The relatively new age of the domain, as well as the attempts to hide the company or person/s behind it, are common with online drugstore scams.


Related websites

Like most rogue online pharmacy websites, mypillrx has some mirror sites which look exactly the same in design as well as contact information. They include, but aren’t limited to:


Most online pharmacies which have mirror websites tend to run illegal affiliate programs whose intentions are fraudulent. Furthermore, any site that has relations with suspicious sites is probably “suspect”. Moreover, the site has a low trust rating on scamadviser. According to scamadviser, the real location is hidden although the site appears to be U.S.-based.


Business profile

The name of the organization/company behind the website is hidden using an IDPS (International Domain Privacy Service). Also, there is no physical address on the website. The phone numbers given are “suspect” given many suspicious websites have used them. The real owners of mypillrx have gone to great lengths to hide their identity including having broken links to the official mypillrx social media channels which can only lead us to conclude they are fraudulent.


Regulatory approval

Before you buy any medication or product from an online pharmacy, you must check the status of that pharmacy with notable regulatory bodies such as LegitScript, Pharmacy Checker, NABP, and CIPA.

First and foremost, mypillsrx doesn’t have any seal from any notable pharmacy regulatory bodies. This alone is a red flag. Some further investigations on LegitScript reveal that the pharmacy has been labeled rogue.

LegitScript gives online pharmacies a rogue status after carrying out thorough investigations and ascertaining that the pharmacy in question doesn’t meet international online pharmacy verification standards.

What’s more, the pharmacy isn’t in the CIPA or NABP databases which forces us to conclude that it is operating without the necessary approvals and is probably selling harmful products.



If you judge mypillrx based on the products selection, you will be misled. Don’t be fooled by the variety of smart drugs, pain relief drugs, general health drugs as well as drugs for men and women’s health problems. The pharmacy even sells skin care, eye care, hair care and weight loss products. The origin of the products sold by a rogue online pharmacy is unknown. The products are probably counterfeit or low-quality.



One of mypillrx’s main marketing strategies is pricing. All customers get incredible discounts for bulk purchases and 100% refund guarantee in case of anything. This is a common strategy by rogue online pharmacies. Great discounts and 100% refunds with no asked questions give buyers the illusion that their purchases are risk-free. Furthermore, the incredibly low prices are manageable because the drugs may be fake or low-quality. Reviews

We’ve done extensive research on what past mypillrx customers have to say, and we are yet to find substantial verifiable positive customer reviews. The positive feedback that is present appears to be self-generated and is probably written by agents of mypillrx in an effort to promote their drugstore.
According to, the site scores a poor rating.

The site receives an overwhelming amount of negative feedback from customers whose identity can be verified. The complaints range from delays to poor customer service and outright fraud. Our investigations reveal that many customers don’t receive their orders after buying from mypillrx. Moreover, their calls to support seeking refunds go unanswered.



Mypillrx has too many red flags. The owners remain unknown on purpose. Furthermore, the pharmacy hasn’t met the most basic online pharmacy requirements today. Although they have a great selection of medication and other health and wellness products, it is impossible to ascertain their source and quality. It is outright risky trying to buy anything from this site.

Based on our thorough research and findings, we rate mypillrx 1 out of 5 stars.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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  1. i have used mypillrx on several occasions in the past with no real problems. It does take time like all Chinese sites. i have used the door delivery. which worked well.
    I will say there is little hope hearing from anyone until the order gets to the US. but remember there is never tracking in China.
    You know someone is out there because if you cancel and order is is generally picked immediately.
    patience i have not but i do not think there are any slower or faster then any Chinese plus most Rxs want payment up front. Mypillrx takes paypall. it makes me feel safer than bitcomes
    and c cards..

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