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pharmacy layout is an independent pharmacy store located in Canada. They say that they opened the business with the goal of reinventing the community pharmacy, improving service and offering more. We review what is offered by this store to try to ascertain if this is somewhere you should consider when you next need to order medication online.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2010-01-22
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameThe Pharmacy Network, Corp.
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptnot in the database
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

We can see from the domain name records that this store has been operating for quite a long time. The name was registered in 2010 and this makes it more likely that this is a legit business which provides a reliable service to its customers.

work since 2010

There are some details in the record about the person and organization who registered the domain name as well. The organization is listed as Pace Pharmacy as you might expect to find. This indicates that this pharmacy is more likely to be a safe place to purchase meds. All too frequently we find that this information has been hidden with the use of a privacy service which is not the case here.


Business Contact Details

a legit addressThis store gives a contact address in Toronto, Canada. A check on these address details shows us that they have a genuine retail outlet for this pharmacy.

This shows us that a real business is operating the pharmacy site which is reassuring. They give the business name as The Pharmacy Network, Corp. though despite calling themselves a network, we can’t find any other branches operated by this corporation.

We have found information which shows that the name of the person given in the domain name record, is also the owner of this business. This shows that this is a legit company based in Canada.


Regulatory Approvals

They provide information on the site of accreditation from the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Running a check with this organization shows us that this accreditation is genuine.

a genuine accreditation

There are also a number of seals from other regulatory and pharmacy associations. Normally, it would be possible to click on these and be directed to the association site to confirm they are a member. This isn’t the case here as you can’t click on them, but it may not be an issue as the associations don’t necessarily provide regulation.

not clickable


Services Offered

a wide service offeredThis drugstore offers the normal pharmacy services you would expect including prescriptions and pharmacist consultations.

They also offer specialty compounding which is a way to tailor prescription drugs to the exacting needs of the patient. This can be useful if the patient has an adverse reaction to an ingredient in a brand name pill, the pharmacy may be able to provide medicine without this problem ingredient.


Payment and Shipping

They don’t appear to allow you to complete any purchases completely online. They will contact by phone you after you have filled out forms for prescription transfers or refills to take payment.

Shipping free from this pharmacy store. It is important to note, however, that they only sell products and deliver to customers in Canada. Reviews

Finding feedback from previous customers of a pharmacy can often show you whether it is a good idea to trust your healthcare to the drugstore or not. There are a number of customer testimonials found on different sites for this store.

positive comments

The reviews found on the Yelp review site are mostly good. The feedback dates from 2010, not long after the store opened, and seems to be from genuine customers. The overall rating given by these testimonials is a reassuring 4.5 out of 5.

Customers praise the level and professionalism of the service provided, also commenting favorably on the compounding facilities offered. People find the prices reasonable as well, believing that they aren’t noticeably more expensive over chain drugstores.

There is only one negative customer response and this gives the store 3 stars. The customer seemed to have an unpleasant experience which, fortunately, doesn’t seem commonplace with this business.

an unpleasent experience

Feedback found on other sites follows a similar pattern of happy customers which is good to find.



This Canadian pharmacy is operated from a genuine location, has the correct regulation in place and seems to offer great customer service.

There are a few minor issues with this pharmacy, chief among them is the inability to complete an order entirely online. There is also the problem of sales being restricted to Canada only. Our review of this drugstore results in a 4-star rating out of a maximum 5.




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