OnyxPills.com Reviews – Something to Hide?

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OnyxPills.com is a pharmacy which claims to be one of the most trusted online. They say that they sell some of the cheapest men’s health drugs available but still provide high-quality. We review what they have to offer to discover some things which concern us, suggesting this store has something to hide.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-06-08
Owner CountryCanada
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameOnyx Pills
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

This pharmacy hasn’t been online for long. The domain name records tell us that they have been registered since only 2017 and this makes it more likely that they are a scam.

registered in 2017

The owner of the pharmacy has chosen to use domain privacy so that their real details aren’t shown. This is something when legit pharmacies normally don’t do, so could be a concern.


Business Contact Details

real locationThis pharmacy does provide its business address prominently on the site. This would appear to be a good thing to find, and a check on this address shows that it is a real location.

The address they provide seems to show that the business is operated from an apartment above a small store. There isn’t any signage for the store found on the outside of the building and this could be a fake address.


Regulatory Approval

The drugstore doesn’t show that they have regulatory approval to operate their business. This could indicate that they are more likely to be a scam pharmacy which isn’t following the rules for where they are located.


A look at the findings of LegitScript confirms our concerns. They give the pharmacy the rating of a rogue organization that shouldn’t be trusted to be operating in a legal manner.


Medications Offered

The store provides a fairly reasonable selection of meds which are mostly generic types. There is a focus more towards the men’s health line of products, however.

men's health pills

They don’t provide much information about the pills that they sell. We don’t, for example, get told who manufactures the pills on the product pages.

There is also another issue, the delivery times stated on the site don’t suggest that the drugs are dispensed in Canada. It doesn’t take 2 or 3 weeks to ship pills from Canada to the USA, but that is what they say on the site.

This makes us think the drugs are actually coming from a country further away, perhaps India is involved in the dispensing of the drugs sold on this store. They do claim that the pills are produced in that country as well, but we can’t be sure if they are dispensed safely since they offer no information about that.


Doctor Consultation

The pharmacy says that they provide a consultation with a doctor who will issue a prescription to you. They say that you will have to fill out a questionnaire when placing an order with the pharmacy.

However, when we went through the checkout there was no questionnaire to fill out and we don’t believe that there are doctors working for the pharmacy to make sure pills are suitable for the customers.


Payment and Shipping

Payment transactions are completed on a different website. This other place does have some security and they take payment using:

anonymous delivery

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • E-check
  • Credit cards

Shipping is via international unregistered mail or courier which has tracking. The courier delivery costs $30 and the unregistered mail costs $10. Unregistered is expected to take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive and courier will likely take 5 to 9 days. The cheaper option is free when you spend at least $200 on products from this pharmacy.


OnyxPills.com Reviews

can not be genuineThere isn’t a page for OnyxPills.com reviews on the site. This is often a good thing as they are frequently filled with fake comments. The store does have reviews on product pages, however.

There are a couple of problems with these customers’ comments though. The first is that they don’t relate to the service provided by the store, only how good the pills are.

The second issue is that they appear to be written by the same author, this is obvious since the same user account is used for every comment. It is clear that these must be fake comments created by the owner of the store to try to drum up business.



This pharmacy may give the appearance of a trustworthy business but an examination of the facts surrounding it show that not to be very likely. This is the reason why we give them a low score of 2 stars.

They don’t have any regulation and seem to be deceptive about how they operate their drugstore. We are unconvinced that their business address is genuine and the customer testimonials appear to be fake as well.




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