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Kiwi Drug is an online pharmacy backed by a real-world store. They offer extremely cheap medicine and discounts around every corner. Is there more to it? Find out in our review!

Company Origins And Certification

Kiwi Drug is a New Zealand based company that has launched their online website, in an attempt to support their actual store, which has been in business for over 40 years. The company never mentioned the exact name of the pharmacy the website is affiliated with but proceeded to promise medication that can be obtained for up to 50% cheaper than your local pharmacy.

The website has been launched in 2007, offering extremely cheap medication. Predominantly over-the-counter medicine, diabetic medication as well as ailments to help cope with allergies, coughs, and colds. The company bears no discernible certification seals that could help prove it is legit.

They claim that their drugstore provides an online doctor service through its UK affiliate, which is registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide prescriptions online.

However, there is no information about them at all.

This business promises fast international shipping and boasts their own verified supplier of various medication. The company has stated that they only have the one supplier residing in New Zealand, yet some customers report they have received their medication as shipped from India, a location never mentioned by the company itself. The company did declare that some of their shipments come from the United Kingdom, though India has never been mentioned as an affiliate manufacturer or supplier of medication.


Business Information

The company offers a business phone number of 1-888-380-3779 customers can use to reach out to the staff, as well as an integrated messaging system within the website. There is no known mailing address, as is to be expected for a business that largely sells over-the-counter medication to their customers. While some clients have praised the speed and efficiency of their customer service, there have been a lot of reviews mentioning unanswered inquiries that could go on for as long as four weeks. The online shop has been in business for 11 years so far, which is a lot longer than the usual lifespan of an online pharmacy.


Available Products

This company offers a selection of Rx medicine, yet doesn’t require a prescription from your doctor. The reasoning behind this is that they seem to have their own staff of licensed doctors and pharmacists, who can be consulted towards obtaining a prescription in order to purchase this kind of medication. As the company doesn’t have a trustworthy reputation, the skill and license validity of its staff should be put to question.


Official Website

The website looks clean and fast at first glance, with most of the products showcased on the main page and the rest available for viewing in the online store section of the website. Although the company claims to be based in New Zealand, along with an affiliated pharmacy in the United Kingdom, the website itself has ties to Panama, Switzerland and the United States, causing cautious buyers to be very careful and consider this pharmacy to be a scam. The website has been quite popular in terms of visiting numbers over the course of the years and the information pertaining to the owner of the website has been hidden, pointing to another alarming sign of a rogue pharmacy.


All users are required to register an account on the website before making a purchase. The checkout page does bear an SSL encryption, to ensure safe online transactions. The accepted methods of payment include Visa, Master Card, JCB, as well as AMEX.


Shipping and Delivery Methods

The official courier this company uses is unknown. The shipping time, as evidenced by customer feedback, can depend on where the items have been shipped from. The business will happily cover the shipping costs for any orders rising above $100, while any orders that don’t reach that mark will come with an additional $7.23 shipping fee.

The orders are shipped within days of being received and the customers are provided with a tracking number, to follow the current status of the shipment as it progresses. The company has a policy, which allows users to submit a request for a free re-shipment of any order that doesn’t get delivered within a month after being placed.


Customer Feedback

The customer feedback largely indicates that the company is a scam. Most of the unhappy customers complained about the prolonged shipping times, the lack of tracking numbers and the poor quality of medication received. Among most notable complaints stand a few that mention their credit card had been charged by an online dating service following the purchase of medication from the website.

Though most of these claims seem genuine, the company responded to a lot of negative reviews attempting to rebut the arguments clients have stated. Interestingly enough, after a large number of negative comments coming from unsatisfied customers, there has been a sudden rush of overly positive feedback, suddenly praising the shipping speed and the quality of service. For a business that has been known to have unresponsive customer care and terrible shipping speed for a very long time, this turn of events doesn’t seem so likely.



Final Verdict

So, at the end of the day, should you be doing business with this company? Are they legit? Everything we have presented up to this point heavily suggests that this is a rogue pharmacy, looking to damage their customers.

Based on the customer opinion, it might not be too far-fetched to say that the company may also be involved in credit card fraud, which is definitely something you would want to stay away from. Due to a generally low credibility score, the company only gets 2 out of 5 stars and customers are encouraged to seek out other alternatives.




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12 thoughts on “ Reviews – Beware Kiwi Scam

  1. I’ve been getting zovirax cream for my lip and facial herpes from kiwidrug for the past 10 years. I get a 2 gram tube for about 35 bucks (including shipping). I usually receive the zovirax within 3 weeks. I don’t need a prescription—–and I usually use a tube or 2 each year. It’s not an “off-brand” of aclovir —the tube comes in a actual zovirax container. That same tube at Walgreens—or anywhere in the US is well over 200 bucks!!! So good for Kiwidrug—don’t believe all the negative stuff. It’s probably driven —primarily—by the drug companies that want my 200 bucks for a simple —
    non-narcartic—tube of herpes cream.

  2. You may wish to double-check or update the review.
    I used to use this website and had no problems. However a year or 2 ago they stopped taking credit cards and now only take personal check or money-orders. Since a check reveals your bank and account number (and they already have your name and address and do request a birthdate when you register) this is everything an identity-thief requires to steal your identity! Obviously I always put a fake birthdate on any website, it would be crazy to give anyone your real birthday unless it was a banking institution. As for money orders as well as checks, that is the same as mailing a wad of cash – ie the customer has no recourse to recoup their funds should something go awry. So, I would love to shop with them again (using my fake birthday and a fake phone number) if they had a decent and secure digital way to pay for the products. Until that day, I will have to shop elsewhere. As would thousands of other customers that think just like me.

  3. They used to be good, but recently ripped me off for 200usd.
    I will call my credit card company for a refund and won’t bother contacting them.

  4. If I could give zero stars I would. The customer service is absolutely awful. They started charging shipping, which is perfectly understandable as they are shipping overseas. I was charged double shipping and was told it was because my products were coming from two different countries. Not wanting to pay $35 in shipping charges, I changed my order so the items were all coming from the same country. To my surprise, the shipping charge was still double. I contacted customer service to inquire why this was the case when I was following the directions I had been given. I was then told there were two different sources in that same country. My case was escalated to a manager who told me and I quote if I did not like the prices I should “take my business elsewhere”. I cannot believe a manager in customer service would speak to a client in that manner!! Especially when I was simply asking a question based on the fact the instructions I was given did not match the outcome on my order.

    Do not order from Kiwi Drug! There are plenty of other options of companies that value and treat their customer right!

  5. I have been using Kiwi for about 3 years to get a prescription drug that is not available in the country where I am. It is manufactured in India and shipped here. I’ve never had a problem with them except that MasterCard doesn’t like them and considers it a fraud transaction EVERY TIME. A call to MC is needed every time before it will go through. To their credit, when the pandemic first started a package got lost in India because the logistics broke down for a while. Kiwi sent out a duplicate order hassle free and free of charge. Admittedly, the online Dr thing IS very sketchy.

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