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Doctorsolve is a Canadian pharmacy website. However, that doesn’t tell you anything about the business per se, much less the quality of its pharmaceuticals, customer service and how safe it is to use their website.

Is Doctorsolve Legit?

Reading Doctorsolve reviews, it can be hard to tell if it is a legitimate online pharmacy or an online front that may not provide genuine medications but posted glowing comments on its site.

Don’t worry – Doctorsolve is a legit pharmacy. According to CIPA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, they sell drugs through a licensed pharmacy. They meet industry standards for protecting patient information. Requiring patients to have a valid prescription is for the patient’s own protection since it prevents someone ordering medication that is inadvisable given their health condition or buying something to feed an addiction. Their site has been up and running for twenty years, something a scam operation couldn’t accomplish.



Doctorsolve offers FDA approved medications for both human patients and pets. They sell everything from dietary supplements, diabetic supplies, lifestyle medications, antibiotics, and mundane items like diaper rash cream. You could order vitamins and dental care products to be shipped with your diabetes test strips and prescription medication. You could have over the counter drugs sent to your home along with your prescription, saving you a trip to the store.

DoctorSolve does not have a doctor on staff to provide virtual medical consultations in order to give you the prescription necessary to buy restricted medications.



They sell brand name drugs at a reasonable price. A potential concern for customers is the fact that they do not offer refunds if you aren’t satisfied with the medication. Their reasoning is that you cannot safely return medication, much less their ability to re-sell it as one could a returned laptop charger. The quality of the drugs isn’t in doubt. Those who have complained in Doctorsolve reviews about billing errors and slow shipping have never said the drugs themselves were ineffective.



Their pharmacy meets or exceeds privacy rules set in the U.S. and Canada. Your private information isn’t going to be turned over to marketers. Nor is the online pharmacy going to spam you with its own offers.

One way they help their patients is by having their phone number, email address and mailing address clearly visible on the website. If you’re not happy with the service or the product, there are multiple ways to reach them. For example, they have an international fax line and forms for sending a message to customer service. The website itself is protected by Norton.



The business delivers products through secure shippers. However, they don’t offer expedited delivery. You’ll be able to receive the products within two to four weeks. Shipping is reasonably priced. They charge more for over-sized packages, so think about whether or not you really want to bundle all the other items you’d pick up at the store with the online pharmacy order. However, if you have trouble leaving the house, the all in one order can be a life-saver.

The only potential issue for international customers is the fact that DoctorSolve only delivers to the United States and Canada. If the shipment is lost, they typically offer customers their money back.

DoctorSolve tries to provide better service for international customers by partnering with dispensaries in countries like India, the UK and Singapore. The problem is that their partners and local package delivery services may not be as reliable as DoctorSolve and the Canadian and U.S. post. There are a few complaints of lost shipments, especially for international orders, but that is easily due to lost mail in transit or thieves taking something from the customer’s front porch. This makes DoctorSolve a good choice if you are in the United States or Canada but not outside of their direct service area.



There are cheaper online “pharmacies”, but few of these rivals are staffed by licensed pharmacists. Doctorsolve’s prices are within acceptable norms given the products that they sell. You can’t really find coupon codes to save money on their products. They do periodically provide discounts for a few medications. The business does give discounts for new customer referrals, where both the referrer and new customer receive a modest discount on their next order.


Doctorsolve Reviews

The website has no customer reviews section. That’s why we look through They have the average rating. There are both positive and negative ones. Thus, we have a quite good service for buying medicine.



We give Doctorsolve 4 out of 5 stars. They have reasonable prices and a wide selection of products. The online pharmacy has decent customer service. They don’t provide expedited shipping, and orders fulfilled through third parties are prone to errors. All in all, consider this site if you’re within their service area.




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