KamagraCheap.com Reviews – Fast Shipping If It Ships

When someone goes online to buy a medication, they are expecting a certain level of professionalism. After all, the item that they are buying could be treating a very serious ailment. We took a look at Kamagracheap.com to see if it is legit or a scam.


The website looks good based solely upon first appearances. It had clean, sharp colors and was easy to navigate. Being as the website is focused on selling one type of medication only, ED related medications, they were able to make the site simple. There is also a blog that offers articles about the products that are sold on the website. Looking closer though, we were able to find some things that stood out as red flags. We found various typos and misspellings that one would not expect for a well-to-do and profitable company. Misspellings, typos, and oddly worded sentences are a dead give away that a company may not be what it seems, or that they went cheap on the website edit.



When a person tries to dig a little deeper into the claims that are being made on Kamagracheap.com, they find that they may not be as legit as the website suggests. We tried to click on all four of the buttons on the bottom of the main page that promised: fast European delivery, 100% guarantee (which is spelled wrong on the site), safe and secure, and highest possible quality.

Whenever clicked on any of these, we were just taken back to the sales page. we were not able to see what any of those claims meant as none of them were backed up by any sort of data. The same thing happened when we tried to click on the Norton Anti-Virus logo on the bottom.



The lack of variety is not a huge deal, as it provides the service that it was created for. What is disconcerting is the lack of a requirement of the prescription. Medications of any kind can have all sorts of adverse effects on the body. There is a certain process that has to be followed to ascertain if someone should be taking a certain medicine. By not adhering to this code, Kamargacheap.com is losing credibility that they are really doing what is best for their customers. Without the option to ask for an online consultation, there is really no way to get the advice you need as a potential customer.



One thing that all customers agreed on was the fact that the prices of the items on the site were very affordable. Offering generic versions of well-known products allows Kamagracheap.com to sell at well below prices one would expect to pay for the on-brand. Another plus is that the shipping is free to anywhere in the UK and on the Continent, which is where the site sells its products.


Customer Reviews

Customers do seem to really like the speed with which their order ships from the site. There are a number of glowing reviews about shipping speed, followed by product effectiveness. There are no dates on the testimonials, so it is hard to tell how long the same comments have been left. The reviews do seem to point to a product that works and ships fast, but then again, we don’t know of a business that would post bad comments about itself.

Despite all of the glowing testimonials that we found on the manufacturer site when we went onto the Facebook page, we did find a negative comment. It did not fit what was portrayed on the website, but it was also lone negative among 4 positive reviews. What does this say about the company? Customer feedback is the surest way to gauge exactly how the company interacts with its customers. The lack of a response to the outraged customer is also troubling as a company should want to correct it if a customer is displeased.



There are many things to look at when trying to get a feel for whether a company is trustworthy. This is especially important when purchasing medication for yourself or others online. Kamagracheap.com has the initial look of a polished website but just doesn’t hold up to what it is claiming to do. Without a prescription requirement, they are potentially putting customers at risk.

The links that do not lead to any of the information that the customer is looking for are deceiving. There is also a credibility gap with the customer feedback because of the fact that they are not dated. Customers who did receive the items were happy with the fast shipping, but the lack of responsiveness on the Kamagracheap.com is troubling. Caution when using the site is also advised, as it is listed as a rogue pharmacy in a high-risk country, Malaysia.

This leads us to give the website a 2 out of 5 stars.




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