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website interface looks very professional from the outside. The drugstore has all the aesthetic characteristics of a legitimate online store. However, the drugstore is nothing short of a scam when you dig deeper. Read our review below to understand why you should avoid Carehealthlife like plague.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2014-12-17
Owner CountryUnited States
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameCare Health Life
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Website Information

According to, was registered on 17th December 2014. The drugstore may be almost 4 years old but don’t be fooled by the age. Most rogue online pharmacies are less than a year old, but Carehealthlife has managed to last for a while. What’s more interesting is; the details of the domain registrar are unknown. We can’t tell who owns this domain immediately because that information is protected by a domain privacy service.



Related Sites

It takes us a few minutes to uncover sites which are identical to Carehealthlife such as The drugstore is identical to including testimonials. Other related sites include;


Care health life shares contact information with the above mirror sites despite the drugstore’s best efforts to conceal their customer care phone number. We don’t recommend any online store with mirror sites since such sites are usually part of a family of rogue online stores running illegal affiliate programs.


Business Profile

The about us page states that Carehealthlife is a small family-run online pharmacy founded by David and Cecil Watson. The pharmacy also goes ahead and gives the physical location of the business as 1822 Boulevard Drive, Montreal, Canada (RC B4U 5U2). This information is highly suspect since Scamadviser gives a different address which is US-Based. Scamadviser has also given the drugstore a low trust rating. Moreover, this address hasn’t been found.

low trust rating


Regulatory Approval claims to be regulated by Pharmacy Checker, CIPA, Department of Health & Human Service and the College of Pharmacists of Ontario. Our in-depth research finds these claims to be false. The pharmacy isn’t on the list of pharmacies verified by Pharmacy Checker or CIPA.


Furthermore, the pharmacy isn’t approved by the Department of Health & Human Service as well as the College of Pharmacists of Ontario as they would want potential customers to believe. This forces us to conclude that the pharmacy is rogue and out to mislead innocent customers using fake regulatory seals.

not found

What’s more worrying is Carehealthlife has been labeled rogue by renowned online pharmacy regulator, LegitScript. What is more, evidence needed? LegitScript conducts thorough investigations before labeling online pharmacies rogue. If Carehealthlife is labeled rogue, rest assured the pharmacy hasn’t met the basic requirements for online drugstores.



Like all rogue drugstores, you would be misled by Carehealthlife’s product selection. You can find all medications sold in traditional pharmacies and more. However, don’t be exited since you will be buying from a drugstore which doesn’t have basic approvals.



Carehealthlife also has great pricing strategies such as bonus/free pills. The medication is also cheaper on the site than most places online and offline. However, the drugstore is able to offer such pricing mostly because of selling substandard pills/counterfeits or smuggled pills. Legit online drugstores can’t be able to compete effectively with such prices and free pills.


Payment and Delivery

Care health life pharmacy accepts all the major payment methods including e-check, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and Western Union. Delivery is also fast and safe via EMS or Airmail. There is no reason why potential customers wouldn’t buy medication from if they consider the products selection, pricing, payment, and delivery only, ignoring all other red flags. Reviews

The drugstore has made efforts to create trust by posting testimonials from past clients. However, we can’t trust the reviews given the drugstore has related sites. Furthermore, the testimonials posted can’t be verified. They could be written by anyone including the pharmacy owners. Furthermore, our efforts to look for verifiable reviews on trusted site like Trustpilot were futile. We are forced to conclude that the posted reviews are fake. An online pharmacy that can lie about regulatory approval can also lie about feedback. Furthermore, there is an obvious attempt to make the testimonials sound authentic and more about the drugs if you read them carefully. This shows a deliberate attempt to shift focus from the drugstore.

two positive reviews



There is more evidence than you need to conclude that Carehealthlife is a rogue online pharmacy. Although the pharmacy has attempted to look authentic by giving useful information like the physical address and regulatory approval, we have found all this information to be false. We, therefore, rate the pharmacy 1 out of 5 stars.




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