Reviews – All Truth is Out is a sleek-looking drugstore promoted as a U.S. market-leader; however, our research indicates it is nothing more than a fraudulent online establishment out to con unsuspecting buyers. On face-value, the pharmacy looks legit; however, we’ve uncovered apparent characteristics of rogue pharmacies. Read the review below.

Domain information

According to, was registered on 2018-03-06. The domain is barely 6 months old, a common characteristic among rogue online pharmacy sites. The details behind the domain owners have also been hidden using a domain privacy service. This is also common with rogue sites. Website owners who have nothing to hide don’t need to hide their true identity using domain management companies.

Furthermore, the site’s phone no. +1.4806242599 appearing on is associated with numerous scams if you conduct a simple search.


Related and Mirror Sites

Buymod is related to many “shady” site selling smart drugs online. According to our research, the site appears to be running an illegal affiliate program given its association with “suspect” sites like whose sole purpose is promoting smart drugs like modafinil. The site shares a similar web design with these sites as well as other “rogue” characteristics such as; no phone number or legal company name.

Furthermore, has issued a warning against this site because it is very new with a hidden location although it is believed to be US-based.


Business profile

Even after conducting extensive research, we couldn’t establish the company name or name of the real owners behind buymod. The owners have gone through too much trouble to conceal their identity online including buying expensive domain privacy subscriptions. The website doesn’t give any contact information. We only know the website is US-based but can’t ascertain the exact location of the owners.


Regulatory approval

All reputable online drugstores globally must be approved by online pharmacy regulators like LegitScript, Pharmacy, Checker, CIPA, and NABP. Buymod has no indications of regulatory approval (such as a regulatory seal on the homepage). Furthermore, we couldn’t find information about the drugstore on any of the regulator websites. There is no information about buymod on LegitScript. The regulator conducts thorough investigations on online pharmacies and gives a report on whether or not they should be trusted. There is no way of confirming regulatory approval not to mention the authenticity of any products sold by buymod. We are forced to conclude that the drugstore is not legit.



Buymod concentrates on smart drugs which are a favorite among rogue online pharmacies. The selection is poor (comprising of 4 products only). The source of the products remains unknown. Buymod’s efforts to appear legitimate can’t fool seasoned stakeholders in the online pharmacy business.


Pricing, Payment and Shipping

To compensate for the inferior product selection, buymod offers irresistible discounts (25% off) and free pills on subsequent purchases. Sites like buymod can provide such offers because they most probably sell low-quality or counterfeit products. The drugstore also offers secret discount coupons.
Buymod is also among the few online drugstores accepting cryptocurrencies (bitcoin). Cryptocurrencies are a popular payment option among rogue sites because they conceal the identity of the sender and receiver.

The shipping options offered are also attractive, i.e., free EMS shipping. The drugstore also promises to ship out orders globally within a day. The pricing, payment, and shipping options are meant to lure unsuspecting buyers and make them overlook the fact that the drugstore is a scam. Reviews

There are no testimonials on the site to help customers gauge whether the drugstore is legit or not. This is despite the drugstore’s claims that there are some on the blog. A quick look at reviews sites like scamadviser shows that the site has a low trust rating. Considering buymod is a new site which is less than 6 months old, it is understandable why there are few reviews about the site online; however, our detailed research reveals that the site has more negative feedback than positive feedback. The positive feedback present appears to be from related sites like benefiting from affiliate commissions.



Everything about buymod is “suspect”. The site is new, the owners remain unknown, the site has no physical address or legitimate contact information. The site also sells products whose source can’t be verified. What’s more; the site isn’t regulated. It is extremely risky to transact any business with buymod. We, therefore, rate them 1 out of 5 stars.




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  1. I used I thought I was scammed out of my bitcoin I used to make my purchase. Product arrived after about 2-3 weeks of being worried I was scammed.

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