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When you’re reading reviews of, it is hard to tell if the site is a scam or legit. Here are a few of the factors we use to evaluate online pharmacies and the criteria we use to identify legitimate from illegitimate sites.


One of the benefits of using a Canadian pharmacy shop is their prices. That said, is not a licensed pharmacy in Canada or the United States. They aren’t run by medical professionals. That puts their clients at risk in several ways.

They may prescribe medications that the client cannot safely take. Or they may not give people the right drugs. Either way, it isn’t a good idea to use Buydrugs365. There certainly aren’t licensed medical professionals available to answer questions as you can find with the top-notch online pharmacies.


Consumer Safety

This website doesn’t require you to have a valid prescription for the drugs you’re ordering. This means there isn’t a licensed pharmacist behind the site. Nor do they solve this problem by offering online consultations with a doctor who can write a prescription. Instead, they are catering to people who are desperate for medications. That’s a ripe market for exploitation.

Besides, the website has 0% trust rating and is marked as a rogue pharmacy.



Canadian pharmacies meet the same quality standards for medication, medical expertise and product quality as those in the United States. If you order a particular drug, you know it is legit – it will be the drug you’ve paid for in the form you’ve requested. It will never be a scam, whether the pharmacy site substitutes cheaper generics or mixes in fillers while charging you full price. The first point of concern is that says they primarily offer generic versions of name brand drugs.

As we’ve already said, doesn’t meet industry standards for a licensed pharmacy. Nor is there solid evidence they meet basic safety standards for their drugs. While Canadian pharmacies are able to offer discounts over their U.S. counterparts, severe discounts are a red flag. Bulk discounts negotiated by medical systems could save patients a third off of major drugs, but half or more off is a warning sign.


Online Security

When you’re paying for anything online, the security of the site is paramount. Security, privacy and payment processing reliability are even more important if you’re buying medications from a potential foreign site. Buydrugs365 does not meet internet security standards. It has been given a low trust rating by a variety of sources. The fact that they accept Bitcoin as payment in addition to standard credit cards does not make up for security concerns.

The only issues where there are no complaints about the business are with regard to spam; none of their customers complained they were spammed after ordering medications from this site.One concern with this website is that it isn’t clear where it is hosted. They claim to be a Canadian pharmacy, but there is evidence they’re based in the EU. This is hard to determine since location information is being hidden by the website. If it is true that they aren’t located in Canada, they’re lying about something so basic as where they do business. That alone is a serious concern.


Consumer Reviews

There are a few reviews of available online. The red flags here include reviewers who don’t just say “Yes, I got the meds when expected” but say “It didn’t make me sick”. Real customer feedback may say that the drugs were generic instead of the brand name or that the drugs made them sick, but real reviews of a pharmacy don’t say “The drugs didn’t land me in the hospital!” That would be a given for any legit pharmacy.



One of the red flags regarding is the narrow range of products. You can’t find discounted antibiotics, asthma inhalers and other common prescriptions here. Instead, they are promoting a short list of lifestyle drugs. That’s a serious warning for anyone who understands it. Real pharmacies offer everything from cholesterol-reducing drugs to antibiotics to lifestyle drugs.


Delivery Methods

The site promises to deliver anywhere in the globe, but they don’t offer package tracking unless you pay extra for it.



We give a 1 star out of 5 stars. This site shouldn’t receive your business. There are simply too many red flags and far too many safer alternatives.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

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