HealPharmacy.com Reviews – A Slapdash Website

HealPharmacy.com is an online medicine store which specializes in pills to enhance men’s performance. The tagline on the site reads “Pharmacy that care about its customers first!”, though clearly, they don’t care to use the language correctly, with the rest of the site carrying on in the same vein. Our investigations show there are bigger problems with this store than just grammatically incorrect sentences.

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PlanetDrugsDirect.com Reviews – Buy But With Caution


We don’t recommend a lot of online pharmacies. However, after doing some investigations, it is accurate to say that Planetdrugsdirect.com is worth anyone’s time. The drugstore may not be the best out there; however, we recommend them. Read the detailed review below to understand why we have recommended the pharmacy.

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World-Pharm.com Reviews – Very Risky

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World-pharm.com is another online drugstore that claims to sell high-quality drugs at a lower price. They claim they are the best pharmacy in delivering and distributing medicine worldwide at the lowest prices. They also claim that they provide one of the strictest security and that customers’ personal information is safe with them. We, however, think that all these claims are false as you will check out in the review that follows.

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EDPharmaRxx24Rx.com Reviews – Using a Church

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EDPharmaRxx24Rx.com boasts that they continually improve their business and meet the needs of their customers. They only sell generic drugs and claim to be a Canadian pharmacy. Our investigations cast doubt on some of these claims, though. So is this just another scam pharmacy store or can you really put your trust in them?

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PharmCom.com Reviews – Proceed With Extreme Caution

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Pharmcom.com features a superior website design and product selection which is second to none; however, online drugstores must be regulated, highly recommended and be run by individuals whose identity is known before we recommend them. There’s much more to a legit online drugstore. Pharmcom hasn’t satisfied our bare minimum and here’s why;

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ExpressPharmacy.co.uk Reviews – Should Be Better

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ExpressPharmacy.co.uk is a British based online pharmacy promising next day shipping and free consultations. It may seem like a professionally run business backed up by a high street pharmacy, but is this somewhere you should really trust to provide you medical needs? Our investigation looks into the background of this online drugstore.

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