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Tiromel.net is an online steroid seller which claims to offer legit medicine. They offer bulk discounts and have many products on discounted sale. We review this drugstore to find out if they are as legit as they claim.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2014-05-05
Owner CountryTurkey
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The domain name details for this pharmacy shows us that the name was registered in 2014 and will need to be renewed in a few months. A domain name which has been registered for a short time is a pattern found in scam online pharmacy operations, though this name has been used for nearly 5 years.

registered on 2014-05-05

Another common pattern we find is the use of a privacy service to hide the real owner’s name and contact information. The record shows that the owner of this domain has indeed used a privacy service to keep their information out of the public record.


Business Contact Details

The exact contact information for the business operating this store isn’t shown on the site. They only go as far as to say they are in Turkey. They say that they are an official Tiromel supplier but don’t want to let anyone know who they actually are, which is a concern.


Regulatory Approval

This online pharmacy provides no information to suggest that they are following any regulatory rules or are members of any associations. A lack of any regulatory oversight may mean that this business is operating illegally as well as not protecting customer’s information or supplying safe medication.


A check with LegitScript shows that they have reviewed the store and drawn the conclusion that they are a rogue internet pharmacy. This shows that the drugstore is likely to be operating outside of the law for the areas they sell their products to.


Medication Available

This online pharmacy specializes in steroids and other drugs often taken by bodybuilders. The site is named after the thyroid hormone Tiromel, which is sometimes used as a weight loss pill, though this is not recommended. They don’t say where the drugs are dispensed from

unprofessional photos


Site Terms and Conditions

The store’s terms and conditions are quite eye-opening. They say that you have to be over 21 to order, which is understandable. The second condition of using the site says that you cannot be a member of law enforcement or anything related to it.

This rather suggests that they know that what they are doing is against the law and they want to avoid getting caught by preventing law enforcement from using the site. It seems unlikely that this would actually work though.

5 points


About Us Page

The About Us page on the pharmacy is rather odd as well. It says that they have been a licensed pharmacy for years, though they fail to provide any evidence to support this.

They also say that there is no way to buy and sell fake products. Go to any scam online pharmacy and you can pick up some fake pills very easily, though this is probably not what they mean. It is interesting that the issue of fake medication is on their mind and that they feel the need to reassure customers that this is not what they sell.

They go on to say that their products are 100% original. Both of these comments could point to the reality that their products are actually fake. They, after all, provide no evidence that the pills are genuine, don’t tell us where they are dispensed from or even who they are.


Payment and Shipping

The site isn’t secured in the way it should be with a valid SSL certificate. Any information you enter on the store’s checkout can be intercepted and stolen you, therefore, should not risk your financial and personal data by using their checkout.

This store only accepts payment by:

  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • Bitcoin

This limited choice of payment options will put many people off, and since your information could be compromised this is probably for the best anyway.

There are two shipping options available to you, flat shipping rate and express delivery. The flat shipping option costs $15 and express shipping will cost you $40, they say they provide a tracking number with your order. Shipping is free when you place an order worth at least $500.


Tiromel.net Reviews

There are a few Tiromel.net reviews on some of the product pages of the site. These customer comments are only positive and this could be due to negative feedback being deleted, as it is their own site there is nothing stopping them doing this. Though, to be fair, we have no evidence that they are doing this.

5 stars



There are many things wrong with this drugstore. The fact that they don’t have a secure site being the first risk to both your financial and personal information. There is also a question mark over the quality of the drugs being sold. For these reasons, we give this store 2 stars out of 5.




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