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RxPharmacyCoupons.com is a site which promises to provide discount prices at your local pharmacy. They offer access to discounts at a large number of pharmacy outlets across America. We check out this service to discover if the savings are worth the trouble of dealing with coupons.

Domain Name Information

The domain information shows that this store has been around for up to 8 years. Websites which have older domain names are naturally going to, on the whole, be more reliable than very recent sites.

registered in 2011

This site is using a domain privacy service, based in Panama, to keep their real contact information out of the public record.


Service Provided by this Site

logosThis site offers access to discounted medications for free. Anyone in the US can join to get group discounts and wholesale prices on most medicines.

RxPharmacyCoupons operates the Prescription Assistance Program which partners with businesses which facilitate discounts on over 20,000 types of medication. The discounts are available from chain pharmacies as well as independent local stores across the US. They currently have over 68,000 participating drugstores with more added all the time.


How it Works

You begin the process of getting your savings by searching for the medication you want on the site. If your medication has an available discount you will be presented with a discount coupon. You can either print this out, have the site text it or email it to you.

never expires

Then you search for a participating pharmacy local to you. You can also check the prices on the site, though they may not be completely up to date. Take a trip to the pharmacy with the best prices and show the coupon to the pharmacist when you order your medication. You should then receive the lowest price available for that medication at that store.

Alternatively, you can create a free discount Rx Card which you then use instead of the coupons to receive your cheaper medications.


Possible Savings

The site reports that the average customer saving in January 2018 was a 32% discount on the retail charge. They say that larger savings are more likely on generic pills than brand name drugs. Average savings on generic drugs is between 35 and 45% with the maximum as high as 90%. With brand name drugs the savings are normally 10 to 20% and up to 50%.


RxPharmacyCoupons.com Reviews

When looking for RxPharmacyCoupons.com reviews online they were quite difficult to find, but eventually, some genuine customer feedback was found on the site’s Facebook page.

a positive comment

All of the comments we have seen from people who have tried the coupon service are highly positive. People are very happy with the discounts they have benefited from by using this site. The positive comments for this site go back many years on this Facebook page, which is good to see.

from Leon Zucker



There are many things to recommend this site to people. This coupon discount service has been operating for years, providing patients in the US with much needed discounts on their prescription medication. There is a large amount of very positive feedback from genuine customers and the service is free to anyone.

It is mostly good news from the site, and the only real issue seems to be the lack of accurate pricing information before you make the journey to the drugstore. We award this medication discount site 4 stars from a possible 5.




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