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Rx.TravelWeblog.net promises the lowest prices on the Internet, fast delivery and claims to have over a million happy customers. The logo of the site isn’t related to the domain name though, instead, it says “TrustPharmacy” and states that it is world famous. Our investigation into this drugstore shows that you really shouldn’t trust this pharmacy despite what the graphic tells you.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-09-14
Owner CountryPakistan
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameCanadian Pharmacy Ltd
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-NumberUS: +1-718-487-9792
UK: +44-2032-397-7092
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Their Offer

The site provides a fairly good range of drugs, offering treatments for diabetes, depression, asthma and insomnia among others. The store is clearly geared towards the selling of men’s enhancement pills, however, with this type of drug heavily featured on the front page. They even offer to give you free pills from the top name brand in this sector.


Has This Site Been Hacked?

You may have noticed something a little strange about this website name. This online pharmacy is using the subdomain ‘Rx’. The actual domain name and the site attached has nothing to do with the selling of drugs. It seems a rather odd mix, a travel blog selling cheap male enhancement drugs.

asia travel guide

The reason for this weird situation may be explained by DNS (domain name system) subdomain hijacking. The criminals out there that try to sell counterfeit or illegally produced drugs, face the problem of their stores being uncovered by sites like ours or of people not trusting their brand new domain. For example, LegitScript.com doesn’t have this site in its database, probably because it is using a subdomain. The use of the subdomain from a well-established site removes these problems to some degree and gives them a boost in the search engine results.


What does it mean?

Now, of course, no owner of an established web property will hand over part of it to a scam drug seller. Even if they were offered money, they wouldn’t want to risk the continued success of their website by tarnishing their reputation this way. Instead, hackers can, in some situations, gain access to the DNS control panel creating a subdomain like Rx.TravelWeblog.net.

Access to control panels can be gained by a number of methods. Some web hosts don’t prevent brute force attacks, in which software is used to continually try different login details until the correct password is found. The owner of the site may have used the same email and password on another website which itself was compromised by hackers. There have also been reports of web hosting companies allowing people to add subdomains for any domain name that the company hosts, a massive vulnerability which should never have happened.



Whatever the method used, the newly created subdomain address can then be pointed to the hacker’s own web servers. This fools customers and benefits from the search engine trust that the original domain name possesses. It has worked really well for this pharmacy store, finding them quite high in traffic ranking and gaining an estimated 50,000+ visitors per month.

The main TravelWeblog.net website has been around since 2005, with the subdomain being added about a year ago. It seems to be the case that the owner of the site has been continually renewing the domain name and web hosting, simply not noticing that the site has been hacked. This is, after all, a difficult hack to detect. If you don’t check your DNS records or if you aren’t informed of the subdomain’s existence, you would never know about it.


Regulatory Approvals

The site claims to have accreditation from CIPA, MIPA, PharmacyChecker.com and the FDA. None of these claims are true and they are fraudulently using the seals from these organizations.


The FDA doesn’t regulate Canadian pharmacies as it is clearly out of its jurisdiction. The FDA logo being featured on the site is just to try to reassure you that the drugs are properly licensed. When it comes to the other seals used illegally on the site, they require a Canadian based pharmacy to oversee the prescribing of drugs. These trade associations also require customer confidentiality and secure handling of financial information.

As this online pharmacy hasn’t got this accreditation, you can’t have confidence in their ability to keep your details private. This may well mean they sell your details on to other companies. which could lead to you being subjected to multiple unwanted sales calls or worse. You could also find charges appearing on your credit card that you didn’t make, these are the problems which can happen if you decide to do business with a website which has been involved in hacking. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Who Runs Rx.TravelWeblog.net?

They claim to be a “world famous pharmacy” in their tagline, so they must be happy to give you their business information, right? Wrong, the company’s address can’t be found anywhere on the site. They do provide a business name (Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.), but this doesn’t seem to be a real company as it isn’t found in the Canadian Government’s database. There is a similarly named business with Rx in the middle of the name, but even then this company is dissolved.

Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.

The Canadian Pharmacy business name is also used on countless other websites similar or even completely identical to this site. The only difference between these sites is the international license number given, a license which doesn’t actually exist and is entirely a figment of their imagination.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to reveal the people behind this store. There is some suggestion that they are in Pakistan but even this is guesswork.

may be from Pakistan


Payment and Shipping

Pills can be bought from this site using Visa and Mastercard, though it would be a foolhardy decision on your part to trust this site.

Shipping is via airmail or courier, although courier delivery isn’t available in every country. Airmail costs just under 10 dollars and can take 3 weeks. The courier service can be as quick as 3 business days but will cost you almost 20 dollars. If you want to avoid these shipping charges, an order of $200 will give you free delivery.


Rx.TravelWeblog.net Reviews

Customer reviews are a way for companies to reassure people that they can be trusted to provide the products that they offer. It also shows that other people have put their faith in the business, implying that it is safe and the right choice for you too.

typical positive ones

As we’ve already established the people behind this site will do anything to deceive potential customers. When it comes to customer testimonials you won’t be surprised to learn that they are fake, having been used on hundreds of other websites. When you take a section of one of the Rx.TravelWeblog.net reviews and run a search you will find over 400 results.



We are giving this online drugstore just 1-star and the reasons should be very clear. The suspicion over domain name hacking to publish an online pharmacy, which itself is a mirror of numerous other sites is a big deal. This alone is sufficient evidence for us to conclude that this is a website you shouldn’t be putting your trust in to purchase medicine. On top of this, you can add the fake customer reviews and lie about regulatory approvals in order to deceive. There really is no reason to recommend this scam online pharmacy.




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