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Kamagra4uk.com is an online pharmacy selling sexual enhancement products. With amazing prices and timely shipping, they could be your new best choice. Should you do your shopping here? Find out in our review!

About Domain Name
Registration Date2012-08-20
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameA S Trading Company
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionyes

Company Origins And Certification

Kamagra4uk.com is an online pharmacy exclusively selling sexual enhancement products. They are based in the United Kingdom, but all of their products come from a licensed pharmacy in India. They started doing business in 2012 and are still considered active. The range of products they offer is neither diverse or big, but at least the prices are pretty low. The company itself doesn’t have any discernible certificates or licenses to dispense these kinds of products. The only thing they say is that the pharmacy they get their goods from is licensed. The ship their goods globally and based on their terms and conditions, they still withhold the right to cancel your order for any reason, without being under obligation to inform you. This can most likely lead to very confusing orders, as you can never be sure whether or not they decide to process it.


Business Information

Reaching out to the customer support can be done in a few different ways. The first and the most common way of being able to contact the company is the integrated messaging form on their website. If you prefer a more personal approach, there is a phone number going by 9837214622. This is not a toll-free line and there are no other phone lines to use. There is also an email address customers can use to contact the customer service reps, info@kamagra4uk.com.

email form

This is an adequate number of options you can use to reach the company, but still, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are completely legitimate. There is no way to find out where exactly this company is located and it is possible that they don’t have a physical location. They might just be forwarding the orders to their Indian pharmacy and ship straight from a facility there.


Official Website

The website of this company is pretty much what you would expect from any online pharmacy. There are a few things missing, which are actually hurting the company’s reputation and credibility. So, one of the first things that you will find is that the actual website content is written in a poor way. It is necessarily correct, but there are a lot of spelling mistakes and the choice of words simply indicates that these things were written by someone who doesn’t have an excellent command of the English language, but still wants to leave a lasting impression on their potential customers.

valid certificate

The website itself isn’t really secure and it scores very poorly when it comes to speed, optimization and protection. Other than that, the one good thing they can say for themselves is that they have an SSL encryption active. It is a 128-bit description, inferior to the classic 256-key encryption most online stores use, but it still does its job at protecting your data. Another discrepancy, which may as well rank this company as a scam, are the payment options.

When you first start shopping, the main page is going to list an impressive number of different payment options. You have your major credit card companies like Visa, American Express and Discover. Then you have 2CheckOut and Maestro, and this is really a sufficient number of payment options available to customers. The only problem is that once you actually check out, you get to see that the only accepted payment method, which ironically isn’t listed anywhere, is PayPal.

low trust and likely from India

A closer look at the website reveals that it is based in the United States, but has ties to India as well. The server hosting this website is also hosting 564 other websites. Not all of these websites necessarily sell the same kind of products, but the vast majority is selling either libido enhancing products or medications of some kind.


Shipping and Delivery Methods

This company only uses a single courier to handle all of their orders. The courier is DHL and the promise delivery time maximum for every order is 24 business days since the order has been processed. Typically, the company will take about 20 to 48 hours to process your order and will ship and deliver exclusively from Monday to Friday. The delivery options are pretty straightforward. Though, no matter which option you choose, you will still have to pay a shipping fee. It doesn’t matter if your order exceeds a certain value, the shipping fees are fixed, and ever-present. Getting the standard DHL delivery option will set you back by £5 and should take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days. If you opt out for express shipping, you can expect to pay £10, but receive your order in 5 to 6 business days instead.


Kamagra4Uk.com Reviews

Looking at the external kamagra4uk.com reviews shows us that this company is one big train wreck of a scam. The customers are coming out left right and center to dish the dirt on this business, further proving that it is nothing but a scam. A large number of customers complain about never receiving their orders, despite paying for everything.

1-star rating

The customer service representatives also seem to be wildly unresponsive, no matter which method of contact you choose. Being unable to reach someone who handles your orders after paying is generally not a good sign. The kamagra4uk.com reviews are, in fact, so negative that the website owner was actually forced to come out and pretend to be a happy customer and reviews, to better convince people to use the services. This kind of a tactic is really a last resort and is used generally by people who are desperate for customers, which should be enough to tell you to stay away.


Final Verdict

So, at the end of the day, should you shop at kamagra4uk.com? Absolutely not, under any circumstances whatsoever. Everything we were able to see undeniably says this company is a scam. The payment method discrepancy, the unresponsive customer support service, customers not receiving their orders. Other websites hosting on the same server and selling similar products. These are all red flags that you want to avoid. There are plenty of decent choices out there, and even if you are drawn in by the attractive prices, just remember that this is how they get you.

This company gets a 1-star rating and even that is giving too much.




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