Reviews – Remains Mixed’s selling point is reliability. However, our investigations reveal that the drugstore doesn’t exactly live to other online pharmacy standards. Although it isn’t the worst online drugstore out there today, we have some reservations that must be observed if you choose to transact any business with reliablerxpharmacy. Here’s what you must know about the drugstore.

Domain Information

We must give the drugstore some credit for being older than a decade. According to, was registered in 2004 (26th November 2004 to be precise). This makes the site almost 14 years old. Most online drugstore scams are conducted by websites which are a few months old. Reliablerxpharmacy doesn’t meet the criteria of a scam pharmacy based on age. However, important domain information has been hidden using a domain privacy service.


Related Websites

Our investigations reveal that the site is related to other online drugstores. For instance, the drugstore shares the same fax number with The two sites also have a similar website layout. Although mirror sites are a concern in the online pharmacy world, we need more information to conclude on reliablerxpharmacy’s legitimacy.


Business Profile

Scamadviser gives a high trust rating which is a good thing. According to Scamadviser, the site looks safe. However, information about the owners has been protected using Privacy Hero, a domain privacy service.

The site might be trustworthy according to Scamadviser having been live for 13+ years, however; some information isn’t clear. For instance, the website location could be from anywhere in the U.S., European Union or Barbados. Furthermore, we still don’t know who is “behind” the site.


Regulatory Approval

All online pharmacies must meet specific standards for them to be considered legit. There are several online pharmacy regulators the most notable being NABP, CIPA, Pharmacy Checker and LegitScript. Any legit online drugstore should be approved by at least one of these regulators. According to LegitScript, reliablerxpharmacy is rogue. This simply means the pharmacy hasn’t met LegitScript’s online pharmacy verification standards.

Our investigation reveals that reliablerxpharmacy could have knowingly or unknowingly violated basic requirements for selling, prescribing or dispensing drugs considering the pharmacy sells generic drugs. The pharmacy is also missing on the CIPA database. We can give reliablerxpharmacy credit for not implying they are approved by these bodies. However, regulatory approval is crucial for any online pharmacy.



The pharmacy specializes in men’s health products which have a special section on the site. However, there are many other drugs on sale. The pharmacy is also open about selling generic medicines from countries such as India which puts some concern on the quality of products sold.



Customers enjoy free shipping for orders above $100. The store also holds clearance sales often which come with huge discounts (up to 80%). The store also has special promotions. The refunds policy is also favorable.


Payment and Delivery

Reliablerxpharmacy accepts the most convenient payment method, VISA and customers don’t have to worry about safety since the drugstore has ControlScan and Hacker-Safer certifications. The deliveries also meet industry standards (up to two weeks). Reviews

Social proof is crucial when buying anything online. According to TRUSTPILOT, reliablerxpharmacy has a 5-star rating after being reviewed by 2,100+ verifiable customers. Most customers who have reviewed the drugstore think it is great. Only 4% of people who have reviewed the pharmacy find it average, poor or bad.

The most recent testimonials praise the pharmacy for living up to its name.

Only one customer out of over 2000 has complained about not receiving their order.

All in all, most people who have bought medication from this pharmacy think the pharmacy is great affirming Scamadviser’s view that the pharmacy is trustworthy.



Reliablerxpharmacy may not be open about ownership or the people behind it; however, the drugstore is clearly better than most online drugstores out there today. Although it may lack regulatory approval, it could be because of technical reasons. Most people who have dealt with the pharmacy have nothing but good things to say. Furthermore, you need a prescription to buy prescription medication. Although the pharmacy sells generic medicines, we can’t overlook the fact that they have been tested and proven.
We rate reliablerxpharmacy 3 out of 5 stars.




There are also quite many online pharmacies on the net that have proved themselves to be excellent ones. We keep an eye on them as well. They get into our reviews from time to time, and you can see them on the pages of our site.

We have placed the best online pharmacies into a separate list on the Pharmacy Ratings page. Ratings of online pharmacies that have successfully passed verification and check by our team: Link>>>

11 thoughts on “ Reviews – Remains Mixed

  1. They asked me to send a copy of my drivers license by email before they will send me a link for payment. Not sure that’s safe? Has anyone experienced that??

    • Dear Ursula,
      on the one hand, the pharmacy has a 3-star rating and lots of satisfied customers. Besides, some pharmacies demand scans of documents. On the other hand, you act at your own risk, so it may be better to find another pharmacy to avoid concern.

  2. They told me they have to verify I’m a real person. I’m guessing they want to verify I’m not the government trying to shut them down. I just ordered retina a without a prescription. They david if I had any concerns to just cover up the actual driver’s license number. We’r shall see. They’re pretty inexpensive so I’m hoping I get the real product

    • Dear Claire,
      you have the same thing as Ursula. We hope, everything will be good. We also will be grateful if you tell about your experience after getting some meds. This information will be useful for other customers.

  3. I have been using reliablerxpharmacy for over 2 years now. I’ve never had a problem with anything I have ordered (retin a, antibiotics, even prescription eye medication I used on my dog). I absolutely love this company, they are a Godsend! The USA charges toooo much for this stuff. Reliablerxpharmacy makes it affordable, I can’t say enough good about them.

  4. My experience is going good with I usually purchased my medicines from them and every time I get my shipment on time. I never found any payment issues with Reliblerxpharmacy and the quality of medicines I found motorless similar the one I find to my chemist.

  5. They stole my monhey! First order was ok. Second one when I was comfortable spend more money they scam me! I sent a proof of payment. They deny. All trustworthy companies use PayPal and your money are protected. ReliableRX don’t because they are criminals.

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