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PillsPoint.com is an online drugstore which offers fast delivery and prescription medication without a prescription. Our investigation of this pharmacy, unfortunately, uncovered more alarming information about this site the more we researched. If you want to read about a prime example of a dangerous pill seller, you’ve come to the right place.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2015-09-25
Owner CountryAustralia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NamePills Point
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Name Information

The domain name record for this store’s address, tells us that they registered the name in 2015 and that they are using a privacy service in Australia to hide their real contact details. The use of a privacy service can sometimes suggest an unreliable online pharmacy.

registered on 2015-09-25


Business Profile

a living houseThere isn’t any sign of a business address on the website and this isn’t ideal. Following some research, we find an address linked to this store on a different site.

The address given is in Australia and it is clearly a residential home, it seems probable that this is a fake address.


Website Contradictions

Whilst the site boasts of fast domestic shipping within the USA, we have our doubts about this claim. The site also appears to be based in Australia and not the USA. This though would seem to be incorrect.

The reason for this belief is that the writing on the site doesn’t appear to be from a native English speaker and maybe from translation software. There are many examples of text on the site that use peculiar phrases and rarely used words. The vocabulary and the sentence structure used throughout the site is not what you would expect from people living in either Australia or the US.

One very obvious example of this is the use of the word ‘Informations’ in the main menu. You wouldn’t expect someone with English as a first language to make such an obvious mistake.


Another ridiculous example of this is where they state that “We need to facilitate your misery.” Now We don’t imagine what they really mean, but if other customers are to be believed, it may very well be what you get from this online drugstore.

We need to facilitate your misery

Another contradiction found on the store is with shipping times. Whilst they say you can expect delivery in three days in the US, another part of the site says delivery takes 12 days. Which is it?


Regulatory Approval

We can find no evidence of any regulatory approval of this online pharmacy. This really suggests that the medication you may receive from this site could be dangerous to your health.


It is of no surprise to us that given this, LegitScript rate this drugstore as a ‘rogue’ business. They believe the law is being broken in the operation of this online pharmacy.


Medication Available

The site claims to offer both generic and brand name pills. They say that their products are the best available generic drugs. While they may claim to offer branded drugs, they show images which aren’t of the brand-name pill. We don’t believe that they really sell brand-name medication at all.

They sell controlled prescription medication but don’t require a prescription. This is a dangerous practice which could leave people’s lives at risk, but all too common from scam pharmacies.


Payment and Shipping

Purchases can be made using credit cards or Paypal. Though the store is secured with an SSL certificate we really don’t recommend you buy pills on this site.

Shipping costs seem to vary depending on your location and even then they only seem to be able to give you an estimate of delivery costs. Delivery time seems to be 12 days, though there are many reports of packages never arriving.


PillsPoint.com Reviews

This online drugstore doesn’t have a page for PillsPoint.com reviews, this is good as they would likely have been fake testimonials anyway, judging by what we know of this company.

We have been able to find customer feedback on other sites, however, though it really isn’t good. There are many reports of customers not receiving the pills they’ve ordered or if they do get the drugs they are found to be fake.

These alarming reports make it clear that this is a scam online drugstore.

bad rating


We believe this store is lying at every opportunity and if you do receive what you pay for, you’ll get fake drugs which are either dangerous or completely ineffectual. Giving this store 1-star almost seems over-generous. Avoid this pharmacy like the plague!




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  1. Please, do not do business with this company. This is the worst online experience that I have had. The customer service is so poor, you will not receive your medications on time and they will keep hanging up the phone on you, Bad company, bad workers.

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