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European Online Okpil is an online pharmacy that promises milk and honey to its customers but delivers nothing to them at the end of the day. It claims to provide both original and generic medicines to its customers but as this in-depth review reveals, its pharmacy services leave a lot to be desired.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2015-06-18
Owner CountryUS or Czech Repulic
Contact Informationfake
Business Information
NameOnline Pharmacy Europe
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Brief Overview

The website may be registered and valid but it starts on the wrong foot from an e-commerce perspective. For starters, even if the pharmacy was legit, you would still not want to buy anything from it because its website lacks a valid SSL certificate. That is why there is the ‘Not Secure’ warning behind its URL.

work since 2015

This warning tells you that the information you share on this site is not safe as it can be accessed by hackers and governments. It invalidates the promise of anonymity of personal information that the pharmacy gives. You should never share your credit card information on such a website. You also don’t want the whole world to know about your health problems, and that is why you should avoid this website at all costs.


Products And Services

There are all sorts of original and generic drugs here, but no one can verify their originality and safety. Considering that counterfeiting of drugs is common in this day and age, you should not trust any drug available for sale here. As you would expect, placing an order here is simple and straightforward.

men's health drugs

You are not required to have a valid prescription to order any drug here, and this is a red flag. Prescription drugs should always be dispensed according to a valid prescription. However, at this pharmacy, the ordering process is oversimplified. You just select the products you want to buy and proceed to checkout. These tactics are normally used by online shops that are desperate to sell their products, not to satisfy their customer needs.


Empty Promises

Apart from simplifying the ordering process, this pharmacy promises to deliver all orders above $90 for free. It also promises to give amazing discounts to its customers. Normally, these promises are the sources of bitter complaints later.

The online pharmacy also has flexible policies that accommodate even the smallest order and deliver it for free to the customer. Whenever you are not satisfied with the products you ordered, you can return them and get a full refund. If these are not lies, they are the struggles of a drowning man. He will clutch at a straw.


Non-Approval By Government Bodies

You should never trust any online pharmacy that is not approved by governmental bodies like CIPA, MHRA and the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC). These bodies supervise all pharmacies to ensure that they adhere to the industry standards and that they sell genuine products. Clearly, an online pharmacy that operates behind the back of these bodies can only be a scam.


Non-Approval By Non-Governmental Bodies

According to LegitScript, this is a rogue website. If you know the meaning of a rogue website, you will not spend even a minute on this website. When legitscript.com describes a site as a rogue website, it means that it is unapproved by the relevant authorities and it engages in deceptive business practices.

The prescription and sale of drugs on such a site may violate safety regulations as the pharmacy does not adhere to the accepted standards of pharmacy practice. ScamAdviser also echoes what LegitScript says, pointing out that though the domain of the site is close to four years old and the site is very fast, it may not be safe.



Okpil.com Reviews And Testimonials

On the official page of the pharmacy, there are claims that there are several okpil.com reviews on TrustPilot that praise this pharmacy and its products and services.

However, Trustpilot does not have any review of this pharmacy. In fact, it states that Okpil.com has not claimed its Trustpilot profile and does not actively encourage its customers to review it on the platform. What do you think of a website that posts a downright lie on its homepage?

no reviews


Overall Verdict

In summary, Okpil.com is clearly a scam. It promises to satisfy the needs of all its customers but it doesn’t explain how it does so. It is not affiliated to any recognized medical body and you have no reason to trust it.

With all its fraudulent business practices, this pharmacy deserves a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.




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