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Have you heard about from any reference or other sources? Well, if yes, then please wait a bit as here’s a complete review of this internet pharmacy that you must be aware of. To be precise and straight-to-the-point, the drugstore is absolute fraud and nonsense. Do not purchase any medicines from them ever. Also, to know more about them, please take a look at the following sections.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-10-05
Owner CountryPakistan or India
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameCanadian Healthcare Mall
Phone Numbersno
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailno
Track Numberno
Free Shipping Optionno

Domain Info

The domain registration of this website can be easily validated via According to our findings, the domain has been registered on 2014-10-20. The domain will be expired on 2019-10-20. The registrant contact name is given as Legato LLC. The domain registrant information is provided as Moskovskoe shosse 17, floor 21, Samara, 443013, RU.

work since 2016

From the aforementioned details, it’s clearly implied that the domain is operating for around four years. To be more precise, the website is running their scam business for four years.


Business Profile

Let’s now reveal the business profile details of this rogue online pharmacy website. According to our findings, the site is associated with a risky trust rating. It’s clearly mentioned that there is a small chance of risk. What’s more, no valid SSL certificate has not been found about this website. Additionally, it’s also mentioned that the site may be operating from a high-risk country.

a small chance of risk

Considering all of these aforementioned findings, has requested the users to be cautious while using this pharmacy website.

As per our opinion, you should better avoid this drugstore for the sake of your own good.

Since, the site does not have a valid SSL certificate, purchasing any medicines from this online drugstore won’t be safe. In fact, your transactions will be unsafe and not secure.


Regulatory Approvals

In this section, you will reveal whether this pharmacy website is approved by CIPA and LegitScript or not? Kindly note, it’s an extremely important parameter through which you should be able to understand whether the site has the regulatory approvals. For your reference, all legit and genuine drugstores must be approved by authoritative units or not. The third party authoritative units (e.g. CIPA and LegitScript) provide approvals to a drugstore based on multiple factors.


According to, the pharmacy website is not approved at all. To be more precise, doesn’t appear in the Member database of CIPA. Hence, it’s absolutely proved that the pharmacy is not a CIPA-approved website. Now, let’s check if this drugstore is approved by LegitScript or not. Well, as per the information we have got via, the pharmacy has been enlisted as a rogue online drugstore.

Kindly note, LegitScript has reviewed this Internet pharmacy and as per their findings, the platform has failed to meet LegitScript’s web pharmacy verification standards. Therefore, it’s further proved that this web drugstore is not approved by LegitScript too.


Products and Pricing

On the homepage of this drugstore website, it’s written that the platform sells medications across multiple categories, such as pain relief, antibiotics, women’s health, blood pressure, cholesterol, and much more too. Apart from that, the rogue drugstore sells some men’s health products too.

Rest assured that the quality of each of these medications is extremely poor and substandard. Do not endanger your life by intaking these medicines as they may cause a serious impact on your health. The pricing of these drugs is quite lower than the market rate (i.e. less than a dollar).


Payment and Shipping

There are several payment options that you can avail, such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover etc. The platform has a standard shipping policy. For the returning customers, the platform offers completely free shipping.


Delivery Methods

The delivery time totally depends on your location. In general, it can take up to three weeks to deliver the ordered drugs at your doorstep.



There is a testimonial section on the website of this online drugstore. All the reviews and testimonials that are posted on this pharmacy website are fake and fraudulent.



Final Verdict

To sum up and conclude our review, we would like to mention that is a rogue and unsafe online drugstore. They are simply running a scam business. We have provided it a rating of 1-star out of 5.




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