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EDMeds24.com is an online pharmacy which appears to be operated in Canada. They display a seal of regulatory accreditation and promise 100% satisfaction. We investigate the operation of this site and discover some major problems with the drugstore.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2016-02-22
Owner CountryPakistan
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameCanadian Pharmacy
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
UK: +44-203-318-5981
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The domain name records show us that this address was registered in February 2016 using a Pakistan registrar. The owner of the site has chosen to use a privacy service to hide their contact details in the records. The length of the registration and hiding of name and contact information would immediately point more towards this being a scam online pharmacy, rather than a trustworthy business.

registered on 2016-02-22


Business Contact Details

Reputable online drugstores are normally happy to provide their business name and address. When looking for such information on this store, we find it lacking. There is no address, not even for email, just a couple of phone numbers which may not really go anywhere.we get you, better

The logo of the site claims this to be a Canadian pharmacy but there is zero evidence that this is true. The site is hosted on US servers and the domain name was registered using a Pakistani registrar which may suggest that Pakistan is the real location of the owner.


Regulatory Approval

Regulation should guarantee higher standards and improved safety for people purchasing drugs online. This store has a seal which says ‘CPA Approved’ and shows a maple leaf within the logo. However, the main regulatory association for Canada is actually called CIPA and the ‘CPA Approved’ seal seems to be fake. When checking the CIPA database we learn that this site isn’t registered with them.



Medicine Available

This site is focused solely on selling one type of medicine to treat a male health issue. Though they may appear to sell brand-name drugs it seems likely that they only actually offer generic alternatives. Despite focusing on this one particular drug, they do offer free pills of a similar sort for free with every order.

There seems to be no information on the site as to where the pills are dispensed from, and this is concerning. Naturally, the chances of the pills being counterfeit or fake, manufactured to low safety standards is increased in these circumstances.


Spun Text

This site may not have many pages but it does have a large amount of text on the site. The home page, for example, features several thousand words towards the bottom of the page. This text is difficult to read and it seems like articles have been taken from elsewhere and put through a software program to make the content unique. This has the effect of creating sentences which often make no sense. This is a dubious attempt to get more visitors from search engines.


Broken Links

Aside from the other issues we have highlighted, there is another rather major problem with this site at the time of writing. When you try to place an order, the add to cart button doesn’t work properly and you are taken to a blank page. Ultimately though, this is probably for the best and stops people from buying pills from this scam of an online pharmacy.


Payment and Shipping

Whilst the site seems to have a valid security certificate as previously explained you can’t currently buy drugs on this store. If and when this is available again, the site is rather confused about what methods of payment you can use. Graphics on the front page of the site contradict each other about the payment options and could include credit cards, Bitcoin and e-check.

Shipping options are either airmail or courier delivery. They offer free airmail delivery on orders over $200 and free courier delivery on orders above $300.


EDMeds24.com Reviews

Customer feedback gives you the opportunity to find out how well online pharmacies really work. It cuts through the marketing copy to reveal the truth about the store. It only does this, however, when the testimonials are genuine. We have seen, all too often, the use of fake customer comments to make a scam online drugstore appear to be trustworthy and reliable.

no reviews

When we look for EDMeds24.com reviews, we come across a problem. There aren’t any customer testimonials to be found. The site itself doesn’t have any feedback and there isn’t any on independent sites either. If you wanted to make a purchase from this store, you will be doing so blind, with the obvious risks associated with that.



There isn’t too much to recommend this online pharmacy. They have no regulation, are hiding where they are based and the site isn’t very well managed with broken links. For these reasons, we give the site 2-stars out of five. This site simply doesn’t provide enough information for them to be really trusted and as such, you should go elsewhere for your pills.




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