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Kamagrauk.com is a pharmacy that claims to be in the UK. It’s even part of the company name, so it must be true, right? Well, as you will see in our investigation this may not actually be the case. If this business is lying about where they are located, why would you trust them to provide you medicine?

About Domain Name
Registration Date2013-08-17
Owner Countryhidden
Contact Informationhidden
Business Information
NameKamagra UK
Phone Numbers +44-121-318-6656
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Toll-Number +44-121-318-6656
Courier Mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionno

Regulatory Approval

Kamagrauk.com claims to operate their business out of the UK. In order for them to legally sell medicine in the UK, they need approval from a British Government agency. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency oversees websites which are authorized to sell drugs to the general public in Britain. A logo from the agency must be displayed on every page which advertises drugs for sale.

A scan of Kamagra UK’s website shows no evidence of the required logos. When checking the MHRA site we quickly find they aren’t registered with the Government agency. They are therefore selling drugs illegally from the UK.

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Business Address

The people behind Kamagra UK have their business address on the bottom of every page of the site, which is good and what you would expect from a legit company. However, when checking this address using Streetview it seems clear that this isn’t their real address. The location they give for their business is actually a small single story residential home with nothing to suggest this is the location of a pharmacy. The home seems to be part of a small retirement community, so it seems this address is used fraudulently.

The UK phone number they give on the site is at odds with their business address, being a number related to a different city. It seems highly likely that this address isn’t anything to do with the operation of this business. In fact, they probably aren’t even located in the UK as they claim.

The email address given on the site is a Gmail address and not their own domain name, which looks unprofessional and not what you would expect. Interestingly, the Gmail address has also been used on a site selling sleeping pills as well. On that website, they claim their business location to be in the UK too, not the same part of the country though.


Domain Details

When checking up on their domain name, you find that it is almost 5 years old. This is quite good and could suggest that they have been running a successful business. Although, they do claim on their about us page that they have been trading since 2005. Well, not with this website they haven’t. So the boast of trading since 2005 is likely just a lie to get you to trust them more.

They are using a domain privacy service to hide their name and address. If they were a legit pharmacy you wouldn’t expect them to do this. They did give an address on their site, but that appears to not be their real location and the fact that they are using this privacy service adds weight to that belief.


The domain privacy service is from an Indian company, something you wouldn’t really expect from a supposedly British company. The website is hosted on Indian servers provided by an Indian company, again a surprising choice for a UK based business. It is better to locate your servers close to your customer base so that loading times are reduced to a minimum.


Who is Really Behind Kamagra UK?

It is rather difficult to find out the exact details of the owners of this pharmacy. They have gone to great lengths to hide their real identity, but it seems likely that they are in India and not the UK as they claim.


KamagraUk.com Reviews

When checking Kamagrauk.com reviews it is clear that many customers consider this online pharmacy to be a scam. They have been around for nearly 5 years and scamming people for all that time it would seem.

Common issues raised in the reviews include failure to deliver products ordered, slow delivery and difficulty in contacting customer service when problems arise. Slow delivery is understandable if they are shipping from India.

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They claim to operate in the UK and if this is true they are doing so illegally. Truth is that they likely do not run their business in the UK and are lying about their business address to try and scam you. Either way, this is a pharmacy you want to avoid.

They are probably really based in India, a country renowned for the production of generic and counterfeit drugs. Since this online store has already shown itself to be highly untrustworthy, can you really trust the pills that they would send you?

Ultimately, either they are lying or operating illegally from the UK and they have a stack of unhappy customers. You should not do business with this company, hence we can only give them 1-star out of 5.




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