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KamagraStoreLondon.com claims to be a British based pharmacy. They offer high-quality men’s health drugs at affordable prices. We check out the details behind this store to quickly discover some very alarming lies which are used to fool potential customers.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2017-06-09
Owner CountryIndia
Contact Informationfake
Business Information
NameKamagra Store London
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier mailno
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

Domain Name Information

The information found in the domain name records can often reveal information that the owners’ of online pharmacies would rather you not know. The record for this drugstore shows that the name was registered in 2017 and an Indian registrar was used.

We can also see that a domain privacy service was used when this name was created so that the genuine contact information isn’t displayed within the record.

work since 2017

Domains which haven’t been around for very long and the use of a privacy service often point to a higher chance of the pharmacy being a scam. Added to this is the link to India, a country where a large number of counterfeit drugs are manufactured.


Business Contact Details

not in LondonThe domain name and the logo on the site tell us that this is a business based in London, United Kingdom. However, the address they provide on the site is a location over 200 miles away from London.

email, phone number and addressThere is another problem with the address provided. When looking on the Trustpilot page for this store the address is slightly different than on the site itself. The Trustpilot address gives an apartment number of 12117 but on the main store, this is omitted.

This apartment number indicates that this address is just a mailbox rather than a real business location. So where is this business really based? They aren’t in London and the address they give isn’t their operating location either. The answer is probably hinted at in the domain records. It seems probable that the owner of this store is actually in India.


Regulatory Approval

This store claims to be operated from the UK and as such, they are required to follow the rules and regulations for both the UK and Europe. The EU requires that online sellers of medicine display the common distance selling logo. This logo, however, doesn’t feature anywhere on the store. This means that this business is operating illegally.

It is also a requirement that they are registered with the British Government agency which oversees the online selling of medicine. When we check with the MHRA we find that they aren’t registered as they should be.

not found

This shows that this pharmacy isn’t correctly regulated and is operating illegally, A check with LegitScript confirms our finding.

status: rogue


Medicine on Sale

This store is highly focused on selling men’s health drugs and only seems to offer generic varieties. They don’t provide any information about the dispensing pharmacy and we know that they address given on the store isn’t the dispensing location.

super p force tablets, tadacip tablets, tadalis sx tablets

A lack of information about where the drugs are coming from is an often encountered issue with scam pharmacies and this puts customers at risk. Another issue is that the drugs on sale should be prescribed in the UK and this pharmacy doesn’t require a valid prescription to place an order. These issues clearly point towards this drugstore being unreliable and providing potentially dangerous medication to their customers.


Payments and Shipping

The payment page in the checkout does have a valid SSL certificate but there seems to be a problem with the security of the page anyway. Filling out the forms on this page could leave you open to fraud and should be avoided.

The store’s payment options are:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Delta
  • Electron
  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin

They say they will provide 10% extra pills when using Bitcoin as a payment method.

Shipping is free for standard delivery, registered airmail costs £6.90 and comes with a tracking number. Standard UK shipping is said to take 9 to 14 working days with airmail taking 7 to 9 days. This delivery time seems to be far longer than would normally be expected for UK shipping and suggests that the pills are being dispatched from far further away.


KamagraStoreLondon.com Reviews

The Trustpilot page for KamagraStoreLondon.com reviews features feedback from 26 customers. The comments appear to be genuine and mostly good, though it should be noted that the store may be incentivizing the posting of testimonials.

4 star comment

This customer found that delivery took more time than expected. We assume that the drugs are actually being dispatched from India and not the UK as you may be led to believe.



We have discovered that this London based online pharmacy isn’t in London at all. It seems far more probable that this is an Indian business which is lying about its location to increase its sales.

This store is operating without regulation and is hiding who they really are. Buying medication from this site could lead to you receiving low-quality or dangerous drugs and should be avoided. We award this store 2 star out of 5.




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